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Introducing REVEGO by BLUM: The ultimate Pocket Door Solution

 Monday, April 22, 2024

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BLUM brings an outstanding pocket door system for new space concept – REVEGO. This unique pocket system also helps conceal workspace. REVEGO, marks a revolutionary step in creating versatile living spaces. This novel pocket door system incorporates fully integrated technology, offering a seamless solution for transforming and optimising areas within homes or offices. With REVEGO, users have the flexibility to expand or conceal living spaces as required, using either single or double door options. These doors neatly tuck away into a specially designed, slim cabinet known as the pocket, making it possible to maintain aesthetic and functional harmony in any environment. This innovation paves the way for more adaptable and multifunctional spaces, meeting the dynamic needs of modern lifestyles.

Integrated pocket construction

REVEGO is so simple to implement that you might not realise the complexity that lies within the innovative fittings solution. The pocket systems are characterised by the ease of use and quality standards that are synonymous with Blum. Easy living at its best!

Easy planning

The design of REVEGO, featuring standardized pocket widths, greatly simplifies the planning process. This characteristic ensures that whether you opt for a single or double door setup, the possibilities for designing the space around the pocket are endless.

The system’s versatility means it can be effortlessly incorporated into any kitchen layout or furniture arrangement, offering a swift and seamless integration. This design approach allows for a high degree of flexibility and creativity in utilizing space, making REVEGO an ideal solution for those looking to enhance their living or working environments.

Ready-to-install solutions

The well-thought-out solution has all essential components integrated into the pocket system. This means there is no hassle of transporting individual component parts or assembling them at customers’ premises. Instead you can easily pre-assemble the tall cabinet in your workshop or plant and simply transport the product to the end user.

Simple setup

REVEGO also stands for quick and easy installation: Put up, align and mount pre-assembled pockets, install fronts and track, make quick adjustments – and that’s it!

Conceal furniture units in a flash

Full overlay REVEGO fronts completely conceal the pocket and furniture units when closed for a perfect gap layout. A light touch is enough to quickly open the area when you need it – and you can close it again just as fast.

The growing trend of integrating kitchen, dining, living, and working areas into a singular space is shaping the future of modern living concepts. This evolution in home design requires solutions that are both flexible and innovative, capable of adapting to the multifaceted needs of today’s lifestyles.

The capacity to effortlessly transition living areas from open to closed spaces plays a crucial role in cultivating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In this context, REVEGO emerges as a game-changer, offering unprecedented design flexibility for both small and large spaces. It empowers individuals to unleash their creativity, allowing for the customization of environments in ways that were previously unimaginable.

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