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interzum to focus on a new concept this year: adaptable living space

 Tuesday, April 4, 2017

interzumThis year at interzum, a new section will be added as a prime concern and the topic is: ‘more comfort in less space: adaptable living space’.

Living space is at a premium today, especially in cities. More and more people are living in smaller and smaller living spaces. This has prompted interzum exhibitors to rethink the design of furnishings. Their objective is to provide great comfort in the smallest of spaces with adaptable furniture and interior concepts.


Doing a lot with a little space is the challenge facing planners today. Cities and towns are becoming more expensive, and space is in increasingly short supply. Growing numbers of architects and designers are responding to the shortage of space by proposing home living concepts for the smallest dwellings, using flexible furniture and well-thought-out planning to create more space. In these homes, doing without also expresses a new attitude towards life. “Less is more” is being applied to the home. The social trend for cutting back is being reflected in how we design our own living spaces.


“Small has a future” is what architect Krista Blassy thinks, too: “Flexible, compact apartment solutions are becoming increasingly popular.” Blassy collaborated with Häfele on its recent study on micro homes, MicroApart 20/30. In the study, the fittings specialist and exhibitor at the coming interzum presents an adaptable solution for the smallest spaces. Depending on the size of the home and the standard to which it is furnished, the MicroApart 20/30 concept can be scaled to individual requirements – from a minimum living space of just under 20 square metres. Furniture including a walk-in cupboard, a sofa bed and a sideboard that doubles up as a table provides flexibility, comfort and convenience. The modular kitchen and multifunctional column in the bathroom increase the concept’s versatility.


Folding tables, pull-out sofa beds and similar two-in-one furniture are ideally suited to making the most intelligent use of small spaces. They can be adapted in different ways to suit requirements and the time of day. Multifunctional furniture like the examples presented in the micro homes study combines comfort with technology. The new launches that have been developed for designing these artists of transformation will be presented at the coming edition of interzum. As the world’s largest event for the industry, held in Cologne from 16 to 19 May, the trade fair provides a comprehensive overview of the innovations in interior construction and furniture production: doors, flaps and pull-outs for opening and closing furniture; easy-to-use fittings; new storage space solutions; sliding door systems for creating movable room dividers and electronic closing systems for excellent ease of use. The many materials and surfaces on show will also provide a rich source of inspiration for new ideas for homes.


Plenty of inspiration for commuters and working nomads will also be available at the coming interzum in the form of space-saving home ideas. Looking beyond conventional stationary spaces, the trade fair has a dedicated “Mobile Spaces” special event area, which will showcase innovations such as the Tiny House project. Covering just eight square metres, the mini home provides a living space with a table, kitchenette, washroom and a comfortable sleeping loft. The interior design by carpenters and designers Tischlerei Bock can be fully adapted to individual tastes. And the best thing about it: the Tiny House is on wheels and can be taken absolutely anywhere.

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