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Biesse witnessed a successful Inside NEXT

Published on : Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Inside NEXT, Biesse’s genuine virtual Tech Show, where the only, ubiquitous star of the stage is technological innovation, presented the new technologies for the machining of wood and advanced materials, was held on October 15 and 16, 2020. Inside NEXT presented the new technologies for the machining of wood and advanced materials, while advanced solutions for processing glass and stone were presented live on October 22 and 23, along with the world of Diamut tools. Inside NEXT was delivered in a fully-digital format that combines expertise with a focus on the future. These technological innovations are inspired by visions of the future that in this instance are realised in full; a burst of dynamism that has always been at the core of Biesse’s Make magazine, which focuses on the scenarios that they will soon find theirselves experiencing. Indeed, Inside Next was enriched by special contributions, which together formed the basis for Make & Talk: a live formula with in-depth analysis, success stories and accounts designed to outline the challenges that lie ahead, guiding participants towards change.

The two days were open with Ready, It’s Tomorrow, as the research continues, with a view to anticipating the language of tomorrow, and finding perfect harmony between man and machine. The Biesse Group project, which in 2019 – to mark the brand’s fiftieth anniversary – set out to explore the interaction between man and machine in a futuristic manner, has outlined the new boundaries of this relationship, and continues to develop around two key concepts, CONNECTED INDUSTRY and RESEARCH FACTORY. Biesse’s experts lead these in-depth analyses, revealing insights into the evolution of the sector as it moves towards digitisation and automation, and demonstrating how the Group is already supporting this challenge. A special project was also presented during Inside Next, the result of an international collaborative effort that supports the Group’s capacity for observation and sharing of knowledge within the increasingly stimulating and dynamic context of Industry 4.0 and its many evolutions.

With Next Comes First, meanwhile, experts, designers and leading figures introduced the virtual audience to innovative themes such as the Internet Of Things, wooden construction, open innovation, design and some of the current trends. The Make & Talk stage played as host to contributions from Accenture, Il Prisma, Canducci Costruzioni, Gimav and Confindustria Marmomacchine, at the centre of a series of digital panels where skills and experience are the stars of the show.

Success stories were right at home in Futuring, the space within Inside Next dedicated to the ideas generated and implemented by their Italian and international clients. However, these will not constitute mere case histories: for some time now, the companies who have chosen Biesse, Intermac and Diamut as their technological partners have known that working alongside us means much more than sharing a professional relationship. Indeed, Biesse shares experiences, projects and visions, which take shape through machines and tools that are ready to meet the challenges of today, but above, those of tomorrow, setting out together on a path that combines experimentation and sustainability – because in the relationship between design and technology, there is always space for human ingenuity. Wood-Skin, TM Italia, Fiam Italia and Cricursa are just a few of the companies that will explain how they have transformed their businesses, and are ready to evolve.

Finally, Technology In Action represented an integral component of the Tech Show, and executed the projection of various docu-films translated into 8 languages, dedicated to the technological innovations presented during “Inside in Action”. These range from the new developments linked to ROS (Robotically Operated Systems), the Biesse Rover and Intermac Master machining centres, to edgebanding machines, the complete range of technologies for the processing of advanced materials, and finally the entire range of processes typically involved in glassware and marble production.

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