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HUBTEX introduces FluX 45 for efficient pallet and long good transport

 Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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HUBTEX introduces FluX 45 for efficient pallet and long good transport

HUBTEX introduces the FluX 45 for efficient pallet transport and for long goods transport combined. It is a new electric multidirectional counterbalance forklift truck from HUBTEX with a load capacity of up to 4.5 t. The company is replacing its predecessor with an even more compact 2-in-1 forklift with greater load capacity. The compact FluX 45 is the perfect solution when customers are regularly moving pallets, as well as some long loads. This option is significantly safer than handling long goods with forklifts.

Customers find the new FluX 45 multidirectional forklift particularly effective when they are mainly moving palletized loads, but regularly have to move long loads laterally. The forklift is primarily used in building centers or manufacturing companies in the plant and mechanical engineering industries. Conventional forklifts were traditionally used in these industries as they could optimally transport palletized loads and were very popular with forklift drivers due to their excellent all-round visibility and handling characteristics.

However, conventional forklifts sometimes encountered problems when transporting long loads. Conventional forklifts require wide aisles. There is also an increased risk of accidents because the surface of the long goods in contact with the lift truck is often too small or the long goods have to be lifted over obstacles.

“Users must then decide whether to invest in a specialised sideloader. Given the short operating times, this often makes little economic sense. With the FluX 45, users benefit from a truck that can be used flexibly as both a forklift and sideloader, eliminating the need to invest in two vehicles. At the same time, the robustness and longevity of our forklifts significantly reduce the total cost of ownership”, explains Michael Röbig, authorized representative and head of product management at HUBTEX.

Like all models in the FluX series, the new FluX 45 also boasts compact dimensions and high load capacity. The length of the truck has been reduced by 14 percent compared to its predecessor model, making it even more maneuverable. The lift mast with tilt function is another attractive feature.

This allows the FluX 45 to be used like a forklift for loading and unloading trucks, for example, or alternatively to be used as a sideloader for transporting long loads through narrow hall doors. At the same time, it ensures a high level of safety on uneven surfaces, which is particularly advantageous when used outdoors. HUBTEX also incorporated higher ground clearance and larger tires during development in order to optimally equip the new FluX 45 for outdoor use.

The FluX 45 outperforms all other trucks when it comes to maneuverability, efficiency and user-friendliness. This enables smooth changes in direction from lengthwise to crosswise travel without stopping. The ergonomics of the cabin of the new FluX 45 have been optimised to ensure maximum driving comfort. All-round visibility was also a primary focus for HUBTEX during development. A central seating position, generously proportioned and low entry height, more compact lift masts and optimized fork carriage with sideshift all help to improve visibility. There is a choice of enclosed exterior cabin or open interior cabin.

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