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How wooden window construction has a great potential on circular economy?

 Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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Wooden window construction

Wooden construction has become a major concern to keep the sustainability especially in woodworking industry. Today, we have delved deep into the position on circular economy in wooden window construction and how it has a great potential on this particular issue – researched by Bundesverband ProHolzfenster.

In their current position paper on the circular economy in wooden window construction, Bundesverband has described their view of the potential of wooden window construction for an effective circular economy in construction. It is about strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and why we are optimistic about the future despite all the efforts that are still necessary.

The need for sustainable construction has become a key concern for the construction sector in recent years, driven by initiatives such as the European Green New Deal and the German Climate Protection Act. In this context, the circular economy is becoming increasingly important, especially for industries such as wooden window construction. But where are we currently in this process and what challenges must be overcome to establish a true circular economy?

Wooden window construction in Germany seamlessly integrates traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies and regional value chains. Utilizing wood as the primary material creates optimal conditions for resource-efficient and climate-friendly building. Today, craft businesses and medium-sized companies in the wooden window construction sector showcase their dedication to a circular economy by employing resource-saving practices, such as generating self-sufficient energy from their own production waste.

Wood and wood-aluminium windows are circular products because they are robust, durable and repairable. Innovative technologies mean they can be used for decades and recycled to generate renewable energy at the end of their life cycle. However, a distinction must be made between window designs and materials from existing buildings and new windows, particularly with regard to coatings and construction methods.

To further enhance the circular economy in wooden window construction, several challenges must be addressed. These include adapting normative and regulatory frameworks, ensuring the economic viability of circular construction methods, and scaling technical innovations. The position paper contains specific recommendations for action to tackle these issues.

Source: Bundesverband ProHolzfenster

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