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HOMAG makes productionManager more accessible to provide further benefits

 Monday, June 17, 2024

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HOMAG makes productionManager more accessible to provide further benefits

HOMAG has created another record by updating their productionManager. Now, managing individual orders clearly and easily in productionManager gets much easier! The brand-new lot generation function offers a further benefit: from now on, professionals can easily combine their orders into production lots!

This not only increases productivity, but also reduces your material consumption, as orders can be intelligently bundled and transferred directly to a cutting optimisation of one’s personal choice.

Create lots and save money

Lot generation streamlines the organization and creation of your production batches, giving you a comprehensive view of your orders ready for planning. With just one click, you can effortlessly consolidate these orders into production lots. These lots are then seamlessly displayed in productionManager, providing a clear and intuitive overview that simplifies management.

This system ensures that every team member is always informed about the status of each production lot—whether it’s new, ready for production, in production, or fully completed.

The new functionality enables you to group orders based on critical key metrics, such as using the same board or edge material. This strategic bundling significantly reduces material consumption by optimizing orders with identical materials together. Not only does this approach save costs, but it also enhances productivity, as parts with matching board and edge materials are processed simultaneously.

This consolidation minimises setup times for cutting, nesting, and edge banding processes. Additionally, key metrics like the number of furniture items to be assembled provide immediate visibility into the impact of the formed lots on overall production efficiency. Another highlight is that the production lots can be transferred directly to a cutting optimization of one’s choice and processed directly from there.

If someone thinks to work with the cutting optimisation intelliDivide Cutting or Nesting, the production lot is transferred directly with one click and the optimisation starts automatically if chosen — without having to do any manual steps in between or having to open the intelliDivide app at the same time. Also, if it’s mandatory to use Cut Rite or another cutting optimisation, one can definitely export the cutting list as a CSV file and import it into the optimisation without any problems.

So, now Lot generation is a click away!

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