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Holmen advances wood production

 Friday, February 3, 2023

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Holmen continues to advance the manufacturing of their wood products by investing in enhanced manufacture and processing of wood products for sustainable construction. Production of wood products by the corporation is a growingly significant aspect of their overall operations. By incorporating CLT and glulam materials into their offering with the acquisition of Martinsons in 2020, the firm further strengthened their position in contemporary wood building.

Contemporary building materials are flooding the market constantly. Nonetheless, wood remains a timeless classic – the only renewable building material, robust, adaptable, and lightweight. Holmen’s sawmills can produce a wide range of dimensions and grades due to their high technological standards. The brand now provides a wide range of products, including innovative structural components made of CLT and glulam, refined items for builders’ merchants, and joinery timber.

“Demand for processed wood products, especially CLT and glulam beams, is growing and with rising interest in wood construction we see great opportunities to further develop the business. By investing in higher volumes of value-added products and increased sales to builders’ merchants, we are taking the next step to strengthen our business,” says Olov Martinson, mill manager at Bygdsiljum Sawmill.

Stocking and customising glulam for southern Sweden
Through the years, Holmen has steadily grown its relationship with builders’ merchants, including through the acquisition of Martinsons, which expanded its selection of products to include glulam beams. In Västerbotten, the Bygdsiljum Sawmill produces glulam, which is then shipped around the nation to clients. Building materials retailers provide around half of the entire volume. Shorter delivery times to customers in southern Sweden will result from installing a cutting line and a distribution centre at Braviken Sawmill outside of Norrköping. This will also cut down on transportation expenses and the environmental impact of the products.

Expansion in CLT production
Bygdsiljum Sawmill’s bottlenecks will be eliminated with an expansion and investment, which will also improve CLT production. The capacity of a new CNC milling machine, which is used to create window and door cutouts in structural elements constructed of CLT, will grow by 50%. By the spring of 2024, the new plant is anticipated to be operational.

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