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High-performance saws from IMA Schelling

Published on :Thursday, March 24, 2022

IMA Schelling equips large panel plants with tailor-made processing systems. IMA Schelling Board also has convincing solutions for the special requirements of cutting thin boards.

For the cutting of thin boards, IMA Schelling Board configures complete systems for processing HDF and MDF boards with thicknesses of 1.5 to 10 millimeters. The core of the cutting systems are the high-performance saws from IMA Schelling. With a motor output of up to 75 kW and a cutting height of 225 mm, they are particularly suitable for the efficient cutting of high-strength thin panels. The dividing systems can be located in the material flow right after the sanding line, where cut packs are formed from the individual panels. Alternatively, the system can be equipped with a special thin board feeder. In both cases, accurate loading of thin panels is guaranteed. An angular system with a longitudinal and transverse saw divides the packages.

Even with thin panels, the variety of sometimes very sensitive surfaces is increasing. For such tasks, IMA Schelling uses a new sawing machine table with a finely machined, hard chrome-plated table surface. Special Microjet air nozzles are installed in this table, which allow the plate package to slide over the machine table. In addition to the machine table, special roller tables with precision-turned polyamide rollers are used everywhere in the system where the sensitive material is moved. In this way, even very sensitive panels can be cut with high performance.

After the finished cutting, a fully automatic system sorts the panels into stacks and sets them down with a gripping stacker. The stacking places are fully automatically loaded with pallets and/or protective panels. Hard chrome-plated gripper forks and the material-friendly polyamide roller tables are also used when stacking plates with sensitive surfaces. The engineering department at IMA Schelling works with the customer to design cutting systems like these precisely to their individual requirements.

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