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Hettich introduces Actro 5D runner for wooden drawers

 Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Hettich introduces the new Actro 5D runner for wooden drawers to fulfil the customer needs while setting the trends. This newly developed innovative product not only facilitates faster assembly and disassembly but also offers precise facade alignment across five dimensions. The robust stability of the Actro 5D Runner ensures a lasting and flawless seam alignment.

With the enhanced Actro 5D runner, wooden drawers can now be aligned even more intuitively. It can be aligned in five directions: height, side, tilt, depth, and radially – all adjustable effortlessly without tools. The radial adjustment quickly resolves any uneven alignment or offsets between adjacent carcasses. The result of this is a perfect seam profile for handle-free furniture design that makes a striking visual impact. The revamped side adjustment of the evolved latch system makes setting even more intuitive, and detaching the drawer with a button press is noticeably easier.

Lasting, Precise Seam Alignment

Even with daily use and a fully loaded wooden drawer, the seam’s precise alignment remains unchanged. With load capacities of 10, 40, or 70 kg, the Actro 5D runner’s robust performance maintains consistent stability. The drawer sits more securely than ever on the runner, which also impresses with its smooth, quiet operation. A synchronisation mechanism ensures a seamless movement transition between profiles. Other comfort features include the low extraction forces and the powerful yet gentle “Silent System” damping.

System-agnostic and Flexible

In line with Hettich’s system philosophy, different runners for wooden drawers can be used depending on the application, weight category, and comfort preference – drawer dimensions and carcass drillings always match. If only height adjustment is desired, the Actro YOU runner can alternatively be used, which is also compatible with the AvanTech YOU frame system. The uniform drawer construction also facilitates a seamless transition to the new Actro 5D runner. This offers furniture artisans and manufacturers unparalleled design freedom.

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