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Hekotek delivers sawmill equipment to France

 Monday, January 2, 2023

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Hekotek supplied equipment for processing logs with collecting conveyors for sawing leftovers to Etablissements GAIFFE SARL. The client is a local sawmilling family business in the northeastern region of France. The new sawmill complex includes a variety of Hekotek-made equipment, including conveyors for gathering, sorting, and removing sawing wastes, a log sorting line, and equipment for feeding logs into the sawing line.

The Veisto OY HewSaw sawing line serves as the centre of the complex (bark, chips, sawdust). High-speed in-feed of short (2,5 m) logs is a unique feature of this project. Hekotek, as always, will be delivering all of their equipment and installing it locally.

The sawmill will handle logs with a wider diameter

Currently, mechanical installation is coming to a conclusion and will be finished by the end of 2022. The equipment is expected to start up in the spring of 2023. The equipment provided as part of the project framework has a fairly conventional range, but the project also has a relatively unique feature—the log in-feed line can handle both round logs and so-called “square” logs. It is a fact that the mill will handle logs with a wider diameter. In order to remove the slabs, these logs must first pass through a band saw. Only then can they go to the in-feed line supplied by Hekotek and then to the saw line.

One of the largest machine construction companies in the Baltics today, AS Hekotek was established in Estonia in 1992 and specialises in the technical design and production of technological equipment for sawmills and the bioenergy industry. Hekotek adheres to the idea that quality must be guaranteed at all times. By reducing the number of errors, it ensures right methodology and superior results. Hekotek is also collaborating with the French sawmill Société Européenne des Bois S.A.S, located in Saint-Amans-Soult commune, to modernise its wood pellet production. About two years ago, Hekotek finished the first phase of modernising the customer’s production facility in France. The majority of the auxiliary equipment was then replaced, and a new pellet granulator was also provided.

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