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Grenzebach optimizes veneer drying line in tight spaces

 Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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Grenzebach-veneer drying

In a remarkable feat of engineering and project management, Grenzebach has successfully rebuilt and upgraded Pollmeier Furnierwerkstoffe GmbH’s fire-damaged veneer dryer into an independent high-performance production line. Despite the limited space, tight schedules, and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was completed efficiently and effectively.

Pollmeier, a leading international producer of wood-based products, faced a significant setback when a fire severely damaged their beech veneer dryer at the Creuzburg facility in 2021. This incident threatened long production downtimes, which could have drastically impacted operations. However, Grenzebach’s intervention transformed the situation, turning a potential disaster into an opportunity for improvement.

The key to this success was the integration of a complete drying line, including a state-of-the-art stacker system equipped with a veneer scanner, into the existing building without expanding its footprint. This innovative approach minimized downtime and allowed Pollmeier to operate the production line independently from another stacker system previously used in conjunction with the damaged dryer.

Grenzebach’s solution involved repairing the damaged dryer and installing a high-performance stacker system featuring four lift tables and an integrated veneer scanner. This system can handle veneers of various sizes, automatically scanning, detecting, and classifying defects such as holes or cracks with high precision. The entire process ensures that veneers are reliably sorted into specified quality grades.

The project was not without its challenges. The limited available floor space required Grenzebach to exhibit exceptional flexibility and expertise in planning and implementation. The COVID-19 pandemic further complicated matters with staff shortages and delivery bottlenecks. Despite these hurdles, the team adapted swiftly, modifying plans and developing custom software in parallel with the line rebuild to meet Pollmeier’s specific requirements.

After 16 months of meticulous planning and construction, Grenzebach handed over a fully operational line, significantly enhancing Pollmeier’s flexibility and efficiency. The integration of the stacker system has not only ensured independent operation but also improved the overall quality and reduced waste in downstream processes. This successful project enables Pollmeier to consolidate and expand its position in the hardwood veneer market, showcasing Grenzebach’s prowess in handling complex industrial challenges.

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