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Grecon brings 3D Particle View

Published on : Thursday, August 13, 2020

The 3D PARTICLE VIEW is a measuring unit for the objective assessment of the chip quality. The particle thickness is an important parameter for the mechanical characteristics of finished particleboards.

The ratio of chip surface to volume is the decisive parameter for the effectiveness of glue application. Both parameters depend on the adjustment of the knife ring flaker and change through wear of the knife protrusion in the knife ring.

Benifit at a glance:

• Measurement of entire chip geometry (length, width & thickness)
• Reduction of material loss by screening thanks to a specific change of the knife ring flaker
• Remote support with GreCon SATELLITE
• Specific adjustment of the knife protrusion of the knife ring flaker
• Saving of glue by reduction of the fine contents
• Specific optimisation of the mechanical characteristics of the chipboard by production of the “optimal” chip geometry.

Measuring Method

The chips to be measured that are taken preferably directly downstream to the knife ring flaker are measured by specially matched vibratory conveyors and automatically placed on the measuring conveyor belt. The conveyor transports the chips into the measuring area where length, width and thickness (height) of the chips are measured by a liner laser including a camera unit.

The ergonomically designed software based on the Windows operating system allows the operator to easily use the system. The recorded measured values are processed and presented in a clearly structured manner.

The operation is very simple and menu-driven. The operator only needs to enter the limit from which particles are to be detected.

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