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Godn Finishing boosts efficiency with automated lines

 Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Godn Finishing

Manual spraying has several limitations, including poor efficiency in material transfer, uneven coating quality, and low productivity. As a result, an increasing number of companies are shifting from manual to automated spray coating systems. Godn is experiencing a good demand in automated finishing machines and why not?

Benefits of Automated Painting

Automated painting systems are gaining favour for their ability to cut costs and waste while enhancing flexibility and the quality of the finish. Despite the perception of high costs, the long-term benefits of automation in industrial painting operations far exceed the initial investment. The primary advantages include reduced operational costs, enhanced quality consistency, minimized waste, improved flexibility, and lowered labor expenses, reports Godn Finishing.

Cost Reduction

Automated and robotic technologies are becoming more affordable each year. While the upfront costs of automation may be substantial, the increased efficiency and reduced operational costs offer ongoing financial benefits, ultimately leading to significant savings over time.

Quality Improvement

In competitive markets, maintaining consistent quality in manufacturing, particularly in painting processes, is crucial. Robots standardize spray gun settings and movements, ensuring uniform application every time. This level of consistency, difficult to achieve manually, leads to higher quality outcomes and less material wastage.

Waste Minimization

Automation can reduce material usage by as much as 30% due to the precision of robotic systems. Integrating technologies like the Graco ProMix PD2K, which mixes paint near the spray gun, further reduces waste. The addition of electrostatic spray guns can enhance transfer efficiency, further cutting down on waste.


Automated painting systems are versatile and can be applied to a variety of products, including flat and raised doors, kitchen cabinets, windows, furniture, stairs, and bedroom items. This adaptability makes them suitable for a broad range of industries.

Godn Finishing helps you to switch finishing from manual to automated by providing customized Spraying Solution depending on your demand.

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