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GEW UV LED takes the wood coating sector by storm

 Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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GEW, the world leading manufacturer of UV arc, UV LED and excimer lamps for printing, coating and converting applications has installed over 20,000 systems worldwide, with many of them in their focus market of narrow web printing since 1991.

More recently, GEW have extended into other markets. Firstly into sheetfed offset, where they have taken significant market share with their water-cooled LED product, LeoLED.

More recently, GEW have entered the wood coating market, with their high-powered LeoLED product again at the forefront. As many of the industry’s leading manufacturers look to reduce energy costs, and with some of those having banned mercury usage altogether, LED represents the ideal energy-saving alternative to the typical UV curing systems that are currently commonplace in the market.

So, why GEW LED for wood coating applications?
Before delving into this, it is important to clarify what a UV LED curing system is.
UV LED curing is a “photochemical” reaction that harnesses energy stored in longer ultraviolet wavelengths of light (365, 385, 385, 405 nm) to instantly set and adhere inks, coatings, adhesives and extrusions in manufacturing processes by reacting the molecular bonds of the applied materials.
So what can UV LED curing systems do for wood coaters?

In many ways, GEW’s UV LED systems do much the same job as the UV curing systems that precede them on coating lines throughout the industry.

They offer coaters the upsides of UV, such as chemical protection for the wood, protection from the sun and water penetration, hard surface resistance to mechanical friction on doors, floors, kitchens, and much more.

However, UV LED curing systems come with a range of further benefits not found with conventional UV systems:
• No mercury/ozone;
• A major reduction in CO2 emissions;
• More consistent curing output;
• Improved chemical and physical resistance;
• A high energy dose for more effective curing;
• Instantaneous curing for quicker production turnaround;
• Energy savings of around 70% compared to other drying options; and,
• Temperature reduction on the substrate compared to typical mercury systems, which helps to contain resins and reduce fire risk.

For wood coaters looking to upgrade their coating lines, GEW UV LED offers a powerful, reliable and future-proofed curing solution.

To find out more about GEW’s UV LED curing systems, visit their wood coating page at www. gewuv.com/wood

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