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FIMMA + Maderalia marks its successful return

 Thursday, May 16, 2024

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FIMMA + Maderalia marks its successful return

FIMMA + Maderalia receives overwhelming response as it returns on the show floor this year. Beside its attractive return, the event is becoming popular for its ample scopes of discovery that come with the showcase of selected innovations, novelties and trends. Innovations 925 firms from 25 countries that are exhibiting at the 40th edition of FIMMA + Maderalia, are already bringing future of furniture manufacturing and prospective carpentry and interior architecture before the industrial community.

Like, for example, the infinite possibilities that open up for the world of boards, whether for the manufacture of furniture or for use as floor or wall coverings. In this sense, wood adopts multiple applications to, without losing its sustainable capacity , become a material that is 100% resistant to fire, humidity, corrosion or shocks . All this with the mixture of recycled materials including cement and clays, which increase its fireproof capacity . In addition, they are covered with perfect imitation of fire, marble or high-gloss materials, even in large formats or in 3D , which makes it ideal for spaces such as facades, kitchens, bathrooms and interior projects of hotels, shops and restaurants.

FIMMA + Maderalia shines a spotlight on the door industry, showcasing cutting-edge advancements such as doors equipped with magnetic levitation technology or those serving as robust fire barriers. Innovations abound, including ‘pet friendly’ doors resistant to scratches and urine. Additionally, the realm of kitchen suppliers unveils wireless LED lighting solutions and sophisticated hardware that responds effortlessly to a gentle touch, facilitating silent and intelligent door operation.

Wood technology and machinery undergo significant advancements, embracing the principles of Industry 4.0 and even 5.0, seamlessly integrating with artificial intelligence. This integration harnesses the power of ‘big data’ and novel manufacturing standards to enhance production efficiency. Notably, cutting-edge CNC lines emerge, capable of crafting entire furniture pieces or meticulously tailoring each component to perfection.

Massive second day of FIMMA + Maderalia

The fair, meanwhile, reaches its halfway point with records that point to success and halls packed with professionals, both national and international. In this sense, it is worth remembering the success of the commercial mission promoted by Ivace + i Internacional, ARVET and COFEARFE with 125 buyers from 23 countries who were visiting FIMMA + Maderalia both yesterday and today; as well as the group of opinion leaders from countries such as Italy, Morocco, Germany and Portugal who also participate in the fair with ICEX.

In this sense, companies are taking advantage of today to present their latest collections in style, such as the one that took place this morning by the company SC Herrajes, with the presence of the television chef Pepe Rodríguez , the companies of Castalla or Minguela doors or the Valencian coatings firm Emedec.

The ‘València Open Wood’ initiative is also having notable success , through which a group of architects and construction technicians yesterday visited historic buildings in the city of València with intensive use of wood, such as AIDIMME specialists. the Palau de la Generalitat itself.

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