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FIMAL transforms horizontal panel saw into an automatic work center

 Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Innovative ROTOMATIC system, from FIMAL automatically transfers the strip generated after the first longitudinal cut to the transversal cut, the productivity and precision of the product no longer depend on the operator who is only required to unload the finished pieces. Horizontal cutting center for panels designed to meet both mass production and one-off (batch one) production needs, without affecting machine times.


KR-SPIN ROTOMATIC- accelerates productivity

General structure

Base in tubular steel welded with a single body lattice, worked with a numerically controlled machine tool in a single placement for the precision of the single dimensions and orthogonality of the surfaces.

Steel worktop with reinforcing ribs covered with scratch-resistant bakelite tops to protect the panels during each processing stage.

Two robustly structured pressers with independent actions to ensure panel hold in front of and behind the cutting line and strip hold in the cross cut area. Pneumatically driven, torsion bar and rack balanced, with easily accessible external pressure regulators. Tilting straps and emergency bar avoid accidental collision with the blades or crushing.

Rotomatic pushing

Equipped with a total of 8 grippers with gripping pressure adjustment, 4 of these grippers are rotary ( ROTOMATIC system ) through a fifth wheel positioned on the pusher itself and translating on linear guides, recirculating ball pads, moved by a brushless motor for transferring the strip from the longitudinal cut area to the cross cut area.

Panel support at the rear of the machine through brushes with a double advantage in terms of safeguarding the surface of the panel itself and guaranteeing handling of large and small panels.


The control via 15″ adjustable Touch Screen and operating with Windows 10 IOT system guarantees the fully automatic management of even extremely complex cutting patterns with optimization of the movements of the involved axes (pusher carriage, blade carriage and lateral aligner).

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