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Fiable confirms automation as the way forward

 Monday, February 14, 2022

Fiable furniture recently announced that they are going through a transition from manual processes to Automation. To attain absolute automation it is important to implement more automated processes. In the woodworking domain the German companies have been the market leaders in automated process for panel based furniture manufacturing companies. imos AG has been a renowned company in this sector to provide end to end software solutions. They provide software solutions starting from the designing to machine; design to point of sales (Online and Offline). “Fiable Furniture technologies” is a project implementation partner for imos AG.

Ix CAD, iX PLAN, iX NET B2B, iX CAM, iFurn and iX Support Center/Softlock are some of the key products from the Fiable Furniture technologies that offer project solutions.  “Fiable Furniture technologies” (The Fiable) is a data creation partner for imos AG. Using automation software is easy but using them in the right way is the key aspect to make maximum utilisation of the solutions and to start a journey towards automation.

Automation is a process about building the technical data in an intelligent way, which should be user friendly in the frontend (any person should be able to understand his requirements and select for what he is looking for) and the data structure in the backend should automatically manage the data changes, further the bill of material (BOM) and bill of Quantity (BOQ) are generated in one click and production data is directly given to the machine for manufacturing. “Fiable Furniture technologies” is dedicated to assist customers to implement end to end software solutions.

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