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Feather Touch- another innovation from Merino

 Monday, August 28, 2023

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Merino feather touch collection takes sophistication to the next level. Feather Touch collection establishes unprecedented benchmarks for elegance within interior design. Leveraging superior technology, the collection’s specially engineered highly matte and ultra-smooth finish redefines the very concept of refinement. With an impeccable fusion of nearly zero reflection and an ultra-matte finish, Feather Touch mesmerizes through its velvety smooth texture, showcasing an everlasting embodiment of timeless beauty. This collection encapsulates the essence of Merino’s progressive approach, redefining the very notion of refinement in the realm of interior aesthetics.

With a thickness of 1.0 mm and a wide range of sizes available, Feather Touch offers endless design possibilities and flexibility to bring your vision to life. As you run your fingers over the beautiful ‘feather touch’ range, you can’t escape but be in awe of the class, elegance and the smoothness synonymous to these beautiful matt-finish laminates.

Versatile in application, Feather Touch enhances a variety of interior spaces. From kitchens to kid’s rooms, from bar areas to dining rooms, the product adds a touch of sophistication to elevate any environment. Transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens of style and elegance. One can choose from an extensive range of design variants that suits their unique preferences. With 9 captivating wood grain patterns, 6 stunning stone designs, and an array of 22 solid color pieces, this beautiful range from Merino focuses upon delivering a superior experience to customers and designers alike. With Feather Touch, architects have the freedom to bring your vision to life with endless design possibilities.

Embracing sustainability, Feather Touch meets global and Indian standards for environmentally friendly production. With certifications such as Green Guard, EPH, FIRA, NEMA, and ISW, it reflects Merino’s commitment to creating laminates that are as sustainable as they are beautiful. Designed for kitchen fabricators and premium furniture manufacturers, Feather Touch offers exceptional quality and aesthetics. It is the preferred choice for those seeking to create interiors that exude sophistication and timeless elegance.

Overall, the ‘Feather Touch’ range is carved keeping the premium segment into consideration. Those looking to get hold of a superior quality laminate that doesn’t fall short on textures, designs and uniqueness at the core — this product range from Merino stands out for all the good reasons. Right from its varied palette to the natural elements of design that further enhances the look and feel, Feather Touch becomes an automatic choice for homeowners and architects alike.

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