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Explore the Power of lightness from ITALTON panel

 Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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The power of lightness redefined by the ITALTON panel with its (R) EVOLUTION panel that is the lightweight panel produced in its most innovative version. The classical lightweight panel has got undoubted qualities, like lightness and versatility. But sometimes they are not enough. Or better: they don’t fit with present market needs.

ITALTON has conceived and designed a new process for the automated production of lightweight components thanks to which it is possible to reduce their cost and to make them attractive for the market. Thus this means: cheaper lightweight panels of bigger thickness and with less weight.

So when one adds cheaper freight costs, the longer life of wood, the manufacturing design and the eco-sustainability characteristics of the product, it is possible to really talk of revolution.

It is called: (R)evoluton Panel.

(R)evolution Panel is the lightweight panel that gives more with less: less time, less costs, less weight, less pollution.

It’s perfect for furniture elements, bookcases, kitchen tops, displayers and for every kind of situation where a lightweight quality wood, light but strong and long-lasting is needed.

(R)evolution Panel is eco-friendly: the efficiency of the new productive process, together with the low weight of the new lightweight panels reduces the CO2 releases and deforestation.

(R)evolution Panel is the future of the lightweight panel.. At present!

The Italian masterpiece is here:

(R)Evolution Panel- Italton Masterpiece

Technical characteristics

Width format

Lenght format

Surface finishings

Longitudinal slats


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