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EGGER and Hranipex makes easier digital catalog data through tapio

 Friday, May 31, 2024

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Most of the industry professionals want to keep their edge data up to date, save time and minimise the administrative burden. In materialManager—the app for central material management—you can design your work processes consistently and efficiently because the manufacturers EGGER and Hranipex are making their catalog data available digitally in tapio. The edge data is therefore also visible automatically in materialManager and can be used.

tapio has been the milestone and one of the greatest innovations of HOMAG in woodworking industry.

The challenges: Manual creation of data and time consuming data management

Nowadays, creating material data and keeping it up to date involves a lot of work, taking up time and being prone to errors. These challenges are a thing of the past thanks to catalog data from EGGER and Hranipex being provided digitally.

Use catalog data directly in materialManager

materialManager enables you to efficiently manage your material data with its intuitive interface and straightforward operation. The digital availability of catalog data from both EGGER and Hranipex further simplifies this process. Not only is this catalog data accessible in tapio, but it also automatically appears in the materialManager app for centralized material management.

You can now use the original data from EGGER and Hranipex when creating new edgeband types. How? The answer is: quickly and easily. In the “Please select material” dialog box, simply filter according to EGGER or Hranipex in the “Manufacturer” area or enter the name of the manufacturer directly in the search field and all relevant material master data is displayed at once. You can then confirm the selection with just a few clicks, creating an edgeband type in materialManager that is ready for further processing.

The edge data from the two manufacturers is also automatically visible in materialAssist, the digital assistant in production. Changes that you make in materialManager during work preparation are transferred directly to materialAssist in production. If you have a HOMAG edge banding machine, the edge data is also available directly on your machine.

What does that mean exactly? Manual entries are no longer required; all relevant information is provided to you directly. This helps to keep time and management costs to a very low level. And that’s not all: The number of potential transfer errors that can result from manual input is reduced.

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