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Efficient Wood Picking at Gebhardt Holzzentrum with HUBTEX

 Thursday, June 27, 2024

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At Gebhardt Holzzentrum in Cham, Germany, the efficiency of order picking is maximized through HUBTEX order picking platforms. The warehouse of the leading timber wholesaler in Bavaria, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters, operates a three-shift system from Sunday evening to Friday evening. Up to 40 trucks are loaded and unloaded daily, requiring specialized forklifts.

Gebhardt relies on the reliability of HUBTEX electric two-sided order picking platforms (EZK) and multidirectional sideloaders. Currently, four EZK and nine multidirectional sideloaders are in use. With their precise handling, these vehicles enable efficient picking of wood products, even in tight storage spaces.

The forklifts’ multidirectional steering minimizes the required aisle width, creating additional space. Models like the HUBTEX MQ 45 and MQ 50 offer load capacities of up to 11,000 lbs and can perform complex maneuvering. The MQ 120, the powerhouse in the portfolio, lifts up to 26,455 lbs and is ideal for heavy loads.

The HUBTEX EZK platforms, with a lift height of up to 213″, allow for the storage and retrieval of sheet materials on both sides of an aisle. Two operators pick the goods directly onto the platform, from where they are loaded onto the trucks with the multidirectional sideloaders. This collaboration significantly accelerates the entire picking and loading process.

The enduring partnership with HUBTEX ensures that Gebhardt can reliably and timely supply its customers with damage-free wood products. Thanks to HUBTEX’s tailor-made and reliable solutions, the timber center is well-prepared for the future.

“With HUBTEX, we have found a long-term and reliable partner for our picking tasks,” says Andreas Stadler, Operations Manager at Gebhardt Timber Center. This collaboration ensures that service availability can be maintained in the future and meets the high demands of the timber wholesale business.

Thanks to the multidirectional steering, the industrial trucks require minimal space even for complex maneuvering. They can also move in a 360-degree range, and the forklifts can perform diagonal movements. Two of the MQ 50 models from 2021 even have HX steering, enabling continuous steering with seamless direction changes.

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