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Efficient CNC wood processing machines from TechnoWood

 Tuesday, September 18, 2018

technowood-In the 26 years since it was established in Switzerland, TechnoWood has evolved from a straight systems programmer to a supplier of highly efficient machining centers that is increasingly sharing its impressive expertise with customers.


“We are woodworkers and we build for woodworkers.” The company behind this neat motto is TechnoWood GmbH from Switzerland. When it was established in 1992, it focused solely on programming ISO code for 5-axis CNC machines and on connections to CAD/CAM systems. Over time, the company has evolved and ventured into new areas, from control systems designed to upgrade existing CNC plants and kit out new plants to ultimately developing and manufacturing its own CNC machines.


TechnoWood now has an impressive portfolio of user-friendly and efficient CNC wood processing machines. Examples include the TW-Mill joinery portal, the TW-Agil joinery center and, first and foremost, the TWOODS-Line end-to-end wood production line that incorporates the TW-Layer laying portal, the TW-Fix drilling and doweling portal and the TW-Mill joining portal. The TWOODS-Line takes raw planks and turns them into complete structural elements for houses with minimal personnel outlay. Additional highlights in the TechnoWood range include the TW-EasyWinWood window machining center, the TW-Sorter sorter and stacking facility, the TW-Balance crane balancer and the TW-Carrier portal carriage. To use their own terminology, TechnoWood utilizes the three axes of machine building, software solutions and engineering so that besides offering standard solutions, it can also tackle very specific problems with practical solutions.



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