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Discover 750 CN – the new innovation from omec srl to get amazing benefit

 Friday, April 5, 2024

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OMEC srl brings new avant-garde innovation 750 CN mill cutter. The two-axis automatic mill cutter comes with numerical control, OMEC 750cn, is designed to indent dovetails and parallel indents for drawers and several furniture elements. The all new 750cn is equipped with a spindle and a mill cutter that allow the production of indents of different heights.

The machine is designed to cut single male or female workpieces, or both simultaneously. Pieces can be clamped and released in manual mode by means of pneumatic valves. Controls are issued from a numerically controlled push button panel. Model 750cn is controlled by a numerical control system that is programmed to guarantee the utmost machining flexibility and to change the machining limits within the following variables:

All the adjustments can be easily carried out following the software instructions of the machine displayed on the monitor.

Along with the passion of omec srl for engineering and a close knit highly specialised team, Omec has specialised the design and production of milling machines for producing joints on drawers, boxes and furniture. Becoming the “dovetail Joint” icon of the world.

OMEC srl is super flexible with customer requests that has led to the expansion of the machine range including lines dedicated to the production of wooden boxes. Thanks to the versatility of their in-house manufacture facility and their internal design office, allows the company to be versatile and control the qualiy of their equipment as the “Made in Italy around the world expression.”

Their passion for engineering quality, flexibility and attention to market trends, have made OMEC one of the renowned brand leaders in its sector.

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