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Design Highlights and new retailer services from Vauth Sagel

 Friday, March 23, 2018

vauth 1From Zona Tortona to Brera: The change in location that Vauth-Sagel is making for FuoriSalone 2018 symbolically stands for the path the company has taken: more design, more brand, more convenience. At Zona Tortona in 2016, Vauth-Sagel began a dialogue with customers, retailers and the industry. Now in 2018, the move to the even trendier design quarter Brera has taken place. From April 17 to 22, 2018 and over two floors, Vauth-Sagel is to show how the company is approaching the future – with design-oriented and convenient products and comprehensive support of retail.


To get to the heart of the matter: while the upper area is open for all visitors and design enthusiasts can become familiar with new products and highlights from Vauth-Sagel, the lower level of the exhibition is open exclusively to retailers. In a peaceful atmosphere, business customers can get to know the services offered by Vauth-Sagel and experience how the family-run company plans to support them in reaching out to end customers. For Vauth Sagel, this topic has been increasingly brought to the forefront in the last few years. This is shown in a series of offers for retail that can be experienced on the lower level of the exhibition in Brera: with a shop-in-shop system, kitchen studios, for example, can demonstrate the functional benefits and design strengths of Vauth-Sagel products to their customers using the real product itself. This shop-in-shop system is – depending on the existing space available – offered in different variations. In addition, retail is also to be supported with additional materials for sales promotion: along with merchandising packages, for example, this also includes sales arguments that can be used for catalogues or flyers. Vauth-Sagel also offers illustrations and decoration kits to its retailers, such as company signs, certificates or service cases for business equipment.


vauth 3Digital services make things easier for retailers, craftsmen and the industry

“Our goal is make our business partners’ work as convenient as possible with our products,” explains Vauth-Sagel’s Managing Director Claus Sagel. “Retailers don’t need to worry about how they should explain our products to the customer – they will receive the arguments and materials from us. In turn, the industry and craftsmen will receive assistance for the processing of our products.” A central tool for this is the digital services that are introduced extensively in Brera: At different displays with touch monitors, Vauth-Sagel employees demonstrate how to most efficiently use the comprehensive digital services. Vauth-Sagel finalised several new features for FuoriSalone 2018 – including a retailer login, the provision of CAD-/CAM connections, a media library and a download section. New language versions of the digital services were also created: just in time for the trade fair, the website is also available in Russian, Italian, Chinese and Turkish.


Accessible by all: A stylish presentation of the Vauth-Sagel highlights

After a visit to the retail section, it’s worth taking a tour of the open area of the Vauth-Sagel presentation at FuoriSalone: on the upper level, Vauth-Sagel constructed a room installation for end customers – and thus shows how enthralling room solutions can be orchestrated. The installation is consistently defined by the colour range of the
new corporate identity of Vauth-Sagel – from the blue tone of the steel body all the way to the white, grey and blue colours of the products built into it. The furnitu re, which plays with the shape of a triangle, is given a clean and modern look by the steel material selection. The interior design is – aside from the exhibition pieces – only implied so that Vauth-Sagel products are optimally accentuated. At the centre of the presentation is CORNERSTONE MAXX- the perfect embodiment of the Vauth-Sagel motto: “We create high-quality system solutions for living spaces. And for all kinds of people. “The innovative system brings content on two to four tablets completely out in front of the cabinet. The often poorly used or even unused space in corner cabinets is thus conveniently accessible. Access to the surrounding cabinets remains unimpaired because CORNERSTONE MAXX only swive ls in front of its own body. Muffled slide-ins and outs with PAM (power-assisted movement) aid the movement sequence in a unique way when opening and closing. CORNERSTONE MAXX was recently awarded the “German Design Award 2018″ for its pioneering design.


The international design experts were also convinced by the VS ENVI Toolbox: the extremely flexible storage system immediately received two awards. The product was awarded the internationally recogn ised iF Design Award 2018 by iF lndustrie Forum Design. In 2018, the ENVI Toolbox also received the Iconic award in the category of ” Innovative Interior”.


vauth 2Powder-coated steel panel for an innovative design of interior living

Along with CORNERSTONE MAXX and the VS ENVI Toolbox, two additional highlights from the Vauth-Sagel product portfolio complement the exhibition in Brera: Planero redefines the optics and convenience of the space behind the front of furniture. The basket variation, which, with its powder-coated steel border, is not only convincingly functional but also optical, is a prime example of how high-quality design is conquering the insides of kitchen furniture. The room installation is complemented by VSTAL Gate. With the newly designed pantry pullouts, design and functionality both form a convincing alliance. The goal of the re-design was to make the guidance as invisible as possible. “A forward looking technology that performs its job of concealment. A better design that can be adapted to a particular taste,” explains Claus Sagel, Managing Director of Vauth-Sagel, regarding the new pullout. “All products that we put on display in Italy represent the new Vauth-Sagel, where design and functionality are top priority and all of our innovational strength is in service of one goal: creating maximal convenience for all customers.” With the room concept that Vauth-Sagal developed for Brera, this mission is directly and spectacularly perceptible. The exhibition can be visited from April 17 to 22, 2018 on Via San Marco 12 in Brera, Milan.



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