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Deeside Timberframe brings advanced build solutions to fulfil various needs

 Friday, July 5, 2024

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Deeside Timberframe brings advanced build solutions to fulfil various needs

Deeside Timberframe offers a comprehensive range of advanced build solutions, including wall, floor, and roof systems, tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern construction projects. These systems are designed with precision, efficiency, and sustainability in mind, ensuring that every project benefits from the highest standards of quality and performance.

Wall Systems: Precision and Performance

Their wall systems combine precision engineering with superior performance. Designed to meet stringent building regulations such as Part L and Passivhaus standards, these systems ensure excellent thermal efficiency and airtightness. Prefabrication allows for rapid on-site assembly, reducing construction timelines and costs while offering flexibility in design.

These wall systems cater to residential developers, commercial builders, and affordable housing projects. The quick assembly and high energy efficiency make them ideal for meeting the demands of today’s environmentally conscious and economically driven construction landscape.

Floor Systems: Strength and Stability

Their floor systems provide robust support with solutions such as open web joists and I-joists, engineered for strength and stability. Prefabrication to exact specifications ensures a perfect fit and reduces on-site labour. These systems allow for large open spaces and align with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Floor systems are particularly beneficial for commercial and mixed-use developments where large open-plan areas are needed. Their ability to support heavy loads while maintaining structural integrity makes them a preferred choice for complex architectural designs.

Roof Systems: Versatility and Efficiency

Their roof systems offer versatility and efficiency, catering to various architectural styles and requirements. Manufactured to high precision standards, these systems ensure quick and accurate on-site assembly. Timber roof systems provide excellent thermal performance and streamline the construction process, saving both time and costs.

Roof systems are suitable for all types of buildings, from residential homes to large commercial properties. The versatility in design and superior thermal performance make them an effective solution for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing long-term operational costs.

Deeside Timberframe provides comprehensive support from the initial planning phase through to full site erection. Their dedicated on-site project managers ensure compliance with Passivhaus and Part L, maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability. They integrate advanced build solutions with unparalleled customer service, setting the benchmark in the timber frame industry.

Their build systems are effective because they address the core challenges of the construction industry: speed, cost, and sustainability. By using prefabricated components, they significantly reduce build times, allowing for quicker project turnaround. This approach not only saves costs but also minimises on-site disruptions, enhancing overall project efficiency.

The construction industry is at a pivotal point, with increasing pressure to deliver sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient building solutions. Timber frame construction is uniquely positioned to meet these demands. As the industry moves towards greener building practices and tighter regulatory standards, the adoption of advanced timber frame solutions is likely to accelerate.

Derek Wann, Business Development Director, notes, “Our advanced build systems are not just about meeting current needs but also about anticipating future demands. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what timber frame construction can achieve, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the curve.”

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