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Combilift celebrates 25 years of achievement

 Friday, September 29, 2023

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Combilift, one of the most dedicated lifting innovators, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary by introducing three new products. The all-new releases were premiered at Combilift headquarters. They hosted an exclusive media event to memorialise this exceptional day and to mark their 25th year in the lifting business.

The latest products of Combilift:


Combilift is delighted to share the latest news of the launch of the new Combi-AGT, the world’s first autonomous side loader with the option to operate manually. The all-new Combi-AGT recently premiered at the annual Fabtech trade show.

Safely and reliably deliver long loads in narrow aisle around the clock with the new Combi-AGT Autonomous Guided Forklift Truck. Their autonomous truck solutions combine sophisticated, innovative technology with our 25 years of warehouse optimisation experience to provide the highest levels of productivity and safety available. The Combi-AGT can operate autonomously in guided aisles and free-roaming and also with manual driving option.


Laser Sensors
Load Detection

The Combi-AGT is a 4-wheel electric stand-on sideloader, which harnesses the very latest smart technology to meet customer demands for driverless sideloader capability with a capacity of 5,000kg/11,000lbs.

This enhanced adaptive safety system enables the size of the obstacle detection fields to increase or decrease as per the steer angle and speed of the truck.

The natural feature navigation system is superior to traditional methods of truck navigation based on wire guidance or artificial landmarks such as reflectors. Instead, it uses the naturally occurring features in a warehouse – walls, racking and columns for example, avoiding the need to add to or change the warehouse infrastructure.

Anti-Collision Safety System

The laser-based sensors, fitted at various positions on the chassis, comprise of an anti-collision safety system, as required by the American National Standards Institute. If the machine senses an obstacle or pedestrian that has entered its path, it automatically slows down and will, if necessary, stop in cases of emergency, it will then continue to drive automatically, when the obstacle has cleared its safety sensor area.


The Combi-LC facilitates the transport of wind turbine components, handling lengths of up to 115m and weights of about 70t. This system streamlines the movement across production stages and to storage sites, even spanning distances of up to 5km.

As the green energy sector continually pushes the boundaries of height and size for components like wind turbine towers and blades, there arises an ever-growing need for novel methods to transport these finished products from the manufacturing facility to the storage yard before dispatch to their intended destinations. Combilift has collaborated with industry giants in this sector to engineer stable and highly efficient lifting solutions for these challenging and exceptionally valuable loads, culminating in the creation of the Combi-LC.

The Combi-LC carrier unit boasts a unique attachment designed to securely grip the substantial cylindrical end of the blade, firmly affixed to the generator hub. This robust machine, powered by a 75-ton capacity diesel engine and equipped with 12 wheels, offers versatile multidirectional steering with 6 wheels. What sets it apart is its “tip side” carrier unit, which smoothly maneuvers beneath the blade, supporting it via a hydraulic tilting table-mounted clamp toward its narrower tip.

Notably, this root side unit represents the first Combi-LC iteration to feature a cab, a customization made at the request of our customers. This addition proves invaluable, especially when traversing the 5km distance to reach the storage yard. When not engaged in lifting duties, the cab-equipped Combi-LC can travel at an impressive 10km/h, significantly expediting the operator’s commute.


Combi-Connect is a telematic software product that provides customers with greater levels of insight into fleet management and usage, providing real-time data on fleet performance, including location tracking, usage analytics, and maintenance alerts. With this invaluable information at their fingertips, businesses can improve and enhance operational performance.

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