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CNC-Holzfraese Axolox premiere at LIGNA.23

 Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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With an approach to bring visions to life, craftsmen duo Besslers introduced their innovation at LIGNA.23. The path breaking technology, AXOLOX wood milling machine thus turns idea into a reality. The Besslers have been developing useful “wood router” machine concept to satisfy the growing needs of the customers. Their newly launched AXOLOX wood milling machine is yet again a groundbreaking innovation that can turn any idea into an individual and automated product. This latest evolutionary idea introduced by the Besslers at LIGNA 2023 in Hannover, is built in adherence with modernised design and sophisticated safety technology.

Following their passion for craft Burkhard Bessler and his wife Janina developed the AXOLOX compact 2-dimensional wood router to “Revolutionize craftsmanship through innovative technologies!” Thus, they designed the AXOLOX compact 2-dimensional wood router with the aim to overcome the essential gap present in the industry. The machine is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and innovation that opens various scopes for the growth of the craft.

The AXOLOX compact 2-dimensional wood router is a unique milling machine designed to transform any idea into a product. It is a versatile nesting machine that is highly efficient and fast. The milling machine can be used in any work area due to its compact and powerful design. The impressive thing about the machine is its low power consumption that even reduced emissions. The “1-cutter principle” familiar from the “Holzfraese” also impresses with the AXOLOX thanks to the lowest emissions, minimal setup times and consistently precise results. The machine is a reliable partner due to its virtually maintenance-free components and it can be a productive help for the users from the very first day, as the perfect price-performance ratio ensures optimum economy.

The AXOLOX is versatile, fast and highly efficient, making it ideal for nesting machining. The compact and powerful design allows the milling machine to be used in almost any work area. The proven “1 cutter principle” convinces with lowest emissions, minimal setup times and consistently precise results. The virtually maintenance-free components make the AXOLOX a reliable partner in the craft sector. The router also features low power consumption and is therefore low in emissions.

With the AXOLOX wood milling machine, the Besslers have created a machine that meets the requirements of users while satisfying the highest demands for quality, precision and economy.

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