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BIGonDRY innovates all new THW System for Thermo Modification

 Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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BIGonDRY – the renowned company for designing and producing kilns for the drying and the heat treatment of the wood innovates the BIGonDRY-THW system. This Italian company is specialised in focusing turnkey and avant-garde solutions for the their worldwide customers.

BIGonDRY-THW system is a specific process in the presence of saturated steam, which thanks to the slight overpressure, allows one to work at a temperature close to 230°C in an environment in the absence of oxygen, exploiting the natural production of gas from the wood (steam during first phase and gas from pyrolysis during the High Temperature phase) and, if necessary, by the controlled evaporation of a direct source of water supplied by the system. Consequently, the BIGonDRY-THW system uses a minimum amount of steam which allows to reach an ecological approach to the process with the following advantages:

What is the benifit of thermo-modifying the wood?

Thermally Modified Wood (LTM) is increasingly known all over the world due to the benefits that this process produces at all levels of the supply chain. Through the heat treatment, the wood acquires greater durability and stability, is much less sensitive to shrinkage and swelling, acquires considerable resistance to parasite infestation and gains an elegant livery that is homogeneous over the entire thickness of the material.

The goal was to optimize the process technology developed by BIGonDRY on aspects related to costs, environmental impact, safety and standardization of the production of thermally modified wood (LTM) with proven characteristics of durability, stability and appearance.

The products that arise within these processes are to be considered totally bio-compatible, as no chemicals of any kind are applied. This process gives wood a strong competitiveness with respect to alternative materials, including wood modified with other technologies or natural wood as it acquires greater durability and stability, avoiding having to chemically treat the wood and also eliminating the possibility of infestations by insects and obtaining a homogeneous dark color on the wood throughout the thickness.

BIGonDRY also pays close attention to the environment and recent analyzes carried out on high temperature cycles for gaseous, liquid and solid emissions from the plant have revealed reassuring data. BIGonDRY is able to equip THW heat treatment plants with very effective filtering systems to reduce at best, also minimizing the consumption of “clean” water, thus having an economic as well as environmental saving. Furthermore, the extractives contained in the recycled water should not be underestimated, which often contribute to improving not only the appearance of the heat-treated wood but also its quality as it can absorb some of the extractives previously dissolved in the liquid and thus re-acquire some chemically important substances for the effects of durability and the improvement of some physical characteristics.

The technical staff of BIGonDRY is constantly looking for improvements in both drying and heat treatment programs, continually trying not only to obtain a product that is increasingly suited to market demands but also with environment and energy saving.

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