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“Best of the best” for Lamello at interzum

Published on : Thursday, May 6, 2021

Lamello wins “Best of the best” award at interzum 2021. With their latest products showcased at the digital booth from May 4 – 7, Lamello has once again proved its innovation and creativity in the woodworking and manufacturing domain. Awarded “Best of the Best” at the Interzum in Cologne for the new P-System “Clamex P-14 Flexus joint. “

“Clamex P-14 Flexus” is a detachable joint based on the “P-System” fastening system and is joined by a lever. This joint therefore has all the advantages offered by the P-System, with a great novelty: the positioning pins. Thanks to these compressible pins, no rigid elements protrude from the joint. This innovation allows the subsequent assembly of furnishing accessories in existing elements, without affecting the assembly sequence. The pins serve both as a positioning element and as a support for fixing the pieces. In this way the fixed shelves are held in position, while the pieces are joined with the Allen key. By means of the bilateral chamfering of the pins it is possible to disassemble the particular. Locating pins easily clip onto the opposite piece, allowing you to easily mount even elements with 90 degree corner joints.

It is possible to mill the “P-System” groove for the joint either with the most modern CNC technology, or manually with the Lamello “Zeta P2” machine.

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