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ATEMAG advances nesting process with latest innovation

 Friday, July 28, 2023

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ATEMAG brings MONO LOW LEVEL FUNCTION LINE, an angle drilling aggregate for improved workability. The company has developed it for nesting machines. The compact angle head enables precise drilling of dowel holes in edges. This can be easily used in case of work pieces with low heights. The aggregate can precisely drill holes with 6 mm and 8mm diameters for panel thickness from 16mm. It reduces the need for manual labor, optimising the production processes.

Panel materials made of wood, particleboard and MDF can be optimally formatted in nesting machines. Nesting machines can perform critical machining operations such as drilling, milling, recessing and other cutting operations using various tools. Additional processing methods can be initiated after formatting the work pieces. There are various challenges that still exits. One of the problems is the processing of horizontal machining which turns to be a challenge due to the flatbed machine table. ATEMAG has developed this product as the use of an angle aggregate expands the functionality and versatility of CNC machining. The MONO LOW LEVEL FUNCTION LINE from ATEMAG is extremely helpful in this case.

ATEMAG is one of the leading enterprises that aim to make the usage of CNC machining easier. It engineers aggregates and accessories for CNC machines that increase the productivity. ATEMAG have been bringing different products that are super popular like to the MONO LOW LEVEL FUNCTION LINE into the market to meet the market’s requirements, thereby increasing its business and sales.

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