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ADLER refreshes its range of industrial paints

 Friday, September 8, 2023

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ADLER one of Austria’s leading manufacturers, of varnishes, paints and wood preservatives has now excelled in the game of paint production with its ADLER’s Pigmolux range. The “Pigmo” stands for colour while “Lux” stands for the power of light. These two words and motives combined create one of the most successful and popular industrial paint ranges, named the ADLER Pigmolux range.

Countless furniture factories, well-known kitchen manufacturers, companies in door industry all over Europe can choose this range to satisfy their varied needs. There are two types of variants and that is Pigmolux DC and Pigmolux HQ.

Pigmolux DC – that means “Dualcure” – hardens through two different mechanisms: on the one hand, by irradiation with UV light, but on the other hand, also through classic cross-linking with a hardener. This has the enormous advantage that even those parts of the work piece that are only insufficiently illuminated by the UV lamps – so-called shadowing – are completely cross-linked and that three-dimensional and subordinate parts can also be coated with Pigmolux DC without UV radiation.

Pigmolux HQ can be chosen for better stackability and durability. ADLER thinks that Pigmolux HQ can be taken to be a “sports car among UV varnishes”.

Though both these variations address different needs they do have things in common. Both these variations are highly versatile. These paint variations satisfy customers while giving a fine anti-fingerprint surface finish. Stating the spread and growth of the innovative product Daniel Pesserer, head of the furniture industry division of ADLER said, “We can adapt the pigment paint to the customer’s ideas almost indefinitely. We are incredibly flexible when it comes to gloss level, viscosity, structure, and of course color shades – and we can now also carry out this selection locally at our international sales companies in Benelux, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, Italy, and Poland.”

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