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40th edition of the DREMA prepares to create history

 Monday, June 10, 2024

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40th edition of the DREMA prepares to create history

The 40th edition of the DREMA trade fair serves as a vivid reflection of the dynamic forces propelling the wood and furniture sector forward. Central to its essence are three pivotal factors: automation, robotisation, and the live demonstration of machinery, all of which exert profound influence on company progression and the future trajectory of woodworking and furniture manufacturing. Far from mere buzzwords, automation and robotization represent strategic imperatives reshaping production paradigms within the industry. At DREMA, these concepts transcend abstraction, manifesting in cutting-edge technologies that enhance production efficiency, reduce errors, and facilitate agile responses to market dynamics.

The trade fair provides an exclusive forum where the latest advancements in automation take center stage. From sophisticated systems to intelligent woodworking and furniture-making machines, these innovations exemplify heightened productivity and adaptability. Attendees witness firsthand the prowess of modern equipment in operation, while also engaging directly with experts and manufacturers. This interactive environment fosters dialogue, enabling entrepreneurs and specialists to explore diverse solutions, assess their performance and capabilities, and make informed procurement decisions conducive to business growth. In essence, DREMA emerges as a pivotal arena for industry stakeholders to converge, evaluate, and forge pathways towards sustainable advancement.

”The upcoming anniversary edition of DREMA becomes a testament not only to technological progress, but also to the ability of the wood and furniture industry to adapt and look to the future. The 40th anniversary of DREMA is not only an occasion to celebrate, but first of all a moment to reflect on how much has been achieved and what challenges lie ahead. I congratulate everyone involved in the organization, participants, as well as business partners, thanks to whom this fair has been successful for years. I’m happy to be part of this wonderful adventure with wood in the background” – emphasizes Małgorzata Ożóg, deputy director of the DREMA trade fair.

The September gathering catering to professionals and enthusiasts within the woodworking and furniture manufacturing domain serves as a highly effective avenue for promoting best practices, showcasing product innovations, and unveiling state-of-the-art machinery and equipment tailored to the wood and furniture industry. With each iteration, the exhibition consistently elevates its standards, fostering substantive engagements and fostering close collaboration with exhibitors, partners, and patrons. This year’s installment of DREMA 2024 promises an abundance of innovative solutions, granting participants unparalleled access to the industry’s premier offerings.

Attendees in Poznan can anticipate engaging in a myriad of captivating showcases, informative conferences, and hands-on workshops. Among the highlights are the KOOPDREW Wood Industry Congress, Polish Furniture Congress, Live Furniture Factory DREMA for Children, Parquet Zone, Varnishing Skills and Demonstration Ground, DREMA Tools, DREMA Hobby, DREMA Design, Clean Air Zone, Conjured from Wood competition exhibit, Polish Nail Hammering Championships, LIVE Woodworking, Furniture Trends Zone, Youtubers Zone, and the DREMA History anniversary exhibition. Additionally, lively celebrations and surprises are in store, ensuring a vibrant and enriching experience for all attendees.

”It is a great pleasure that I would like to share my thoughts on the occasion of the 40th anniversary edition of the DREMA trade fair. This is an unique event that testifies not only to the longevity and continuous development of the wood and furniture sector, but also to the ongoing commitment of entrepreneurs, experts and enthusiasts in this field.

Over these forty years of experience, the DREMA trade fair has become an undisputed source of inspiration, innovation and cooperation. It is a place where industry leaders meet, present the latest technologies, exchange experiences, inspire each other and invest in the future of the industry. I believe that this year’s fair will be an unforgettable event that will bring people together and contribute to the initiation of new chapters that will bring with them prospects for development, adaptation to new trends and environmental responsibility” – Andrzej Półrolniczak, director of the DREMA fair and president of the DROMA association, encourages to participate in this event.

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