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150 years of transformation for Dieffenbacher

 Monday, January 30, 2023

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Dieffenbacher will mark its special corporate milestone for 150 illustrious years of operation in 2023. Two years after the founding of the first German nation-state, Levi Strauss received a patent for his jeans, and Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I inaugurated the Vienna World’s Fair in 1873. 26-year-old Jakob Dieffenbacher started a modest locksmith business for cash registers in Eppingen that year. Later on, the business specialised in hydraulic presses for processing fruit, wine, and cooking oil.

150 years of continuity and change
Christian Dieffenbacher, his great-great-grandson, now leads the internationally operating family firm, which employs 1,700 people and generates more than EUR 400 million in annual sales. Development, planning, and production of full production systems, including digitalization solutions for process control, are currently the main objectives. The company’s history spans 150 years, and the brand is proud to reflect on how much has changed throughout that time. Transformative change is one of those strands. While Dieffenbacher the company has permanently changed to assist business and society in addressing ever-more complicated difficulties, Dieffenbacher presses turn a wide range of materials into usable products.

The prudent use of the valuable resources of the world is one of such issues. Dieffenbacher started working on solutions in 2014 that employ waste and alternative raw materials to create new goods while also improving the energy and material efficiency of manufacturing facilities through digital solutions.

Dieffenbacher has always been committed to moving forward in the best interests of businesses and their clients. But the organisation emphasises that knowing when and what not to modify is still crucial. The Dieffenbacher family has consistently valued dependability, the quality of client relationships, and partnership-based cooperation since the company’s founding in 1873. These serve as the foundation of a fifth generation family business.

All this is condensed into an anniversary motto that captures a century and a half of corporate development: “Dieffenbacher: 150 years of transformation on solid ground.”

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