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WMF 2024 prepares to display the future of plywood

 Monday, July 8, 2024

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WMF 2024 prepares to display the future of plywood

China International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair (Shanghai) (WMF) is a leading event for the global woodworking industry, attracting professionals and companies from around the world. This year, WMF will feature a dedicated “Primary Wood Processing and Plywood Production Technology Zone,” showcasing a comprehensive range of plywood equipment, including veneer technology, wood drying technology, pressure gluing technology, and sanding and sawing technology.

While plywood, particularly multi-plywood, has long been a staple material, 2024 marks a turning point for its application in the customised furniture industry. Leading brands like Oppein, Sophia, ZBOM, and Shangpin Home Collection are increasingly incorporating multi-plywood into their product lines, elevating this traditional material to new heights. This surge in popularity reflects the continuous advancements in plywood technology and standardisation within the Chinese market.

For years, China’s plywood industry has been dominated by small-scale enterprises, relying heavily on manual labour. This resulted in inconsistent product quality, limiting the use of multi-plywood in furniture production. However, recent technological advancements have led to the widespread adoption of automated production lines and intelligent warehousing systems, significantly improving product quality and driving the rapid growth of multi-plywood. Industry experts believe this surge will further fuel innovation in plywood production, with a greater focus on automation, intelligence, and sustainability.

Concurrent Events

WMF 2024 will also feature a series of insightful seminars and forums, providing visitors with valuable insights into the latest market trends and innovative applications. Key events include:

Step into the Future – Discover Cutting-Edge Full Line Solutions & Materials

Amid challenges in the home furnishing industry, the WMF 2024 International Woodworking Fair serves as your gateway to innovation and intelligent technology in the woodworking and furniture sectors. The exhibition demonstrates how advanced technologies and applications can enhance furniture production, making it more precise, efficient, and environmentally friendly, while meeting the demand for personalised designs.

Led by the China National Forestry Machinery Association, WMF stands as the premier hub for comprehensive home furnishing solutions and materials. At this event, you can explore the most critical production processes, from initial wood processing and panel board manufacturing to panel furniture, solid wood processing, surface treatment, and finishing technologies. Gain in-depth insights into the latest production technologies and materials, and discover how these cutting-edge solutions can revolutionise real-world production.

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