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WEIMA collaborates with a bunch of industry big foots

 Tuesday, December 19, 2023

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In the course of growth and expansion to four different locations, Bropack Bronner Packmittel GmbH decided to build a new headquarters. Together with WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH (WLK 1500), Steiner GmbH, Nolting Holzfeuerungstechnik GmbH and Mühlböck Holztrocknungsanlagen, an innovative system was designed for an in-house drying and heating system. The new building brought Bropack considerable progress in terms of climate impact and heat self-sufficiency.

The product portfolio includes transport bases, folding crates, crates for shipping, reusable packaging and individual special packaging. The company is focusing more strongly on specialized markets. Bropack relies on in-depth specialist knowledge, the skills of its employees, modern IT systems and high-performance machines to maintain its position in the market. The materials are cut automatically and, depending on requirements, either to maximize output or yield.

“For complicated wood materials, such as bulky pieces, the chipper can reverse its direction to reposition the wood above the rotor. The size of the wood chips produced can be varied by simply changing screens.” – Fred Haller, Sales Director at WEIMA.

In order to be able to design as many processes as possible autonomously, the company has its own drying plant at the new site in addition to a photovoltaic system. The sawn timber delivered is first taken to the drying chamber to be dried to a moisture content of 18 to 21% before being stored and further processed. The decision to dry the timber in-house was made not only because of the flexibility and greater independence, but also because of the available, cost-effective fuel resources (disposable pallets, packaging and waste wood from production).


Reliable shredding technology from WEIMA for smart fuel handling

Damaged disposable pallets, packaging and residual wood from production are shredded by a WEIMA shredder. To empty the containers filled with wood waste, Bropack uses a special tipping device. This makes it possible to load the waste wood directly into the hopper of the shredder using a conventional forklift truck.

The WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder from WEIMA is designed for large quantities and a wide variety of wood waste, from small offcuts to entire disposable pallets. Its rotor, with a length of 1,500 mm, a diameter of 370 mm and 123 reversible cutting blades, works against a counter blade, whereby the cutting gap can be adjusted according to wear. The shredder has a maximum output of 90 kW, but adapts to the current power requirement, which is continuously monitored. At Bropack, the chip sizes are determined based on the requirements of the smaller Nolting boiler. The current edge length is between 20 and 25 mm.

The implementation of the new headquarters together with the respective specialists shows how sustainable and efficient processes can be successfully realized through innovative approaches and good cooperation. WEIMA is proud to have made a valuable contribution to the success of this project with the WLK 1500 shredder.

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