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WAGNER bagged ‘The Surface Award’ for outstanding Flowsense

 Friday, June 7, 2024

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WAGNER bagged 'The Surface Award' for outstanding Flowsense

WAGNER is recognised for developing unique innovation in surface industry. This time, the “Flowsense” technology of WAGNER – a real game changer in the powder coating sector has become the sole recipient of an honor at the “Die Oberfläche” (“The Surface”) Awards on June 4.

While other prizes were given for advancements in electroplating, the Surface Award celebrates exceptional innovations in surface treatment and finishing technologies. The expert jury highlighted Flowsense’s remarkable contributions to increased productivity, powder savings, enhanced quality, and a reduced carbon footprint.

With Flowsense, WAGNER has succeeded in controlling the powder coating process in a reproducible manner, thus achieving consistently high surface quality. In a nutshell: “PUT QUALITY ON REPEAT”.

Compared to liquid paint coating, the powder coating process has largely been a blind flight regarding powder feeding. The set output quantities have been unpredictable and inconsistent over the medium term due to wear and other process parameters. Users have had to compensate by accepting higher tolerances or conducting more frequent manual inspections. That is for sure is not a fruitful situation!

Flowsense, on the other hand, acts as an autopilot in the powder coating process, automatically navigating the coating process and leading to better coating results. This frees the operator to focus on other tasks.

A quick enlightenment of Flowsense:

As part of the Flowsense technology, each individual feeding element in the powder center is equipped with high-precision measuring sensors. The smart system constantly monitors the powder flow and adjusts it to the target value.

Flowsense is also integrated into the COATIFY platform which allows the intelligent visualization of your coating system. COATIFY is a web-based Internet-of-Things platform that enables you to increase transparency and process reliability in your industrial coating process and improve system availability and productivity.

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