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Vecoplan’s VVB Primary Crusher: Revolutionising Waste Wood Shredding

 Tuesday, July 2, 2024

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Vecoplan- VVB

Vecoplan latest innovation in waste wood management: the VVB primary crusher. This state-of-the-art machine employs the significant flywheel mass of its rotor to efficiently shred a diverse range of waste wood, enhancing energy recovery processes. Known for its robust construction and high resistance to impurities, the VVB ensures exceptional throughput rates, providing operators with a highly reliable and available machine.

The VVB’s strength lies in the massive flywheel mass of its solid steel rotor, which can crush various wood materials effortlessly. It handles fresh bark with up to 60 percent water content, logs up to 400 millimeters in diameter, and pile caps up to 1,000 millimeters in diameter. Additionally, the VVB processes roots, stumps, log yard residues, sawdust, short waste wood, pre-crushed pallets, and demolition wood. The rotor’s M-shaped shredding tools guarantee quiet operation, and despite the rotor’s large flywheel mass, it can reach a standstill in under five minutes. Depending on the configuration, the VVB can produce fuel particles ranging from P45 to P100, adhering to DIN EN ISO 17225 standards.

Designed for large throughput quantities, the VVB can be customized to meet specific customer applications. Vecoplan offers various tool options, which can be used on both sides and partially replaced, reducing operational costs. The primary crusher features a pivoting counter knife and screen unit secured by shear bolts, allowing it to handle up to two percent impurities without damage. Once impurities are removed, the counter knife and screen unit return to their operating position, making the VVB ideal for wood recycling, biomass combined heat and power plants, and the energy sector.

Maintenance is streamlined with the VVB’s ergonomic design. The machine’s casing minimizes dust leakage, and technicians can easily dismantle it for service work. The downward-opening hood provides quick access to the rotor, and an integrated maintenance platform ensures convenience and safety. An angle encoder optimizes the lifting, lowering, and damping of the upper infeed roll, adapted to the input material. The internal drive of the upper infeed roller includes automatic lubrication and temperature monitoring.

The VVB also boasts powerful digitalization capabilities through the Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC). This modern communication interface includes VSC.connect, allowing users to access online commissioning, remote service, key performance indicators, and a media database. The VSC.control operating panel offers intuitive machine parameter adjustments and settings storage. Operators receive real-time overviews of individual values and messages, including a message history. The VSC is compatible with all standard mobile devices, making it a versatile tool for efficient operation and maintenance.

Vecoplan’s VVB primary crusher sets a new standard in waste wood shredding, combining robust construction, high efficiency, and advanced digitalization for optimized energy recovery.

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