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UPM extends its partnership with Pentawards to improve sustainability

 Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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UPM partners with Pentawards

UPM has recently expanded its partnership with the leading global platform and community for packaging design Pentawards to highlight the role of designers in co-creating a future beyond fossils. UPM is recognised as one of the main sponsors of Pentawards and Sustainable Design category in the Pentawards competition 2024.

Packaging designers’ work is essential in developing packaging solutions that are not only visually appealing and functional but also environmentally responsible. The packaging solution in woodworking industry has gained importance since many years.

“At Pentawards we aim to honour design excellence, inspire creativity, and foster connections within the global packaging design community. By embracing industry changes as opportunities, we forge strong partnerships to navigate challenges. Sustainability is a key focus, and our collaboration with UPM allows us to educate, highlight and prepare the future of design”, said Head of Pentawards, Adam Ryan.

For UPM, this partnership offers a chance to highlight the importance of sustainable design in the packaging value chain and showcase the benefits of its circular and recyclable materials for packaging solutions.

“Packaging designers have the power to be the true changemakers when it comes to improving the sustainability of products. Sustainable packaging design can be inspiring, but also demanding, due to changing regulations and pressure from consumers and brands”, said UPM Brand Director Kristiina Jaaranen.

UPM partners with Pentawards

“Together with Pentawards, we are here to support the designers in creating packaging solutions beyond fossils”, Jaaranen concluded.

According to a study by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, rethinking packaging involves innovating at the design level to maintain essential packaging functions while eliminating waste. This can include transitioning from non-recyclable to recyclable formats or adopting entirely different materials. Packaging designers blend their creative skills with an understanding of environmental considerations, user needs, and brand objectives to achieve these goals.

UPM and Pentawards are exploring additional ways to support packaging designers on their sustainability journey in the coming years.

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