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UPM brings stunning label using recycled fibers

 Monday, June 10, 2024

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UPM brings stunning labels

In 2023, UPM launched a new collection of wine, spirits and beverage label materials that embrace circularity by using recycled fibers in aesthetically attractive labels. The new collection, called Rêverie 3, demonstrates, via unique collaborations with five leading Spanish designers, that sustainability and impactful design can work together to deliver stunning results.

The Rêverie 3 collection provides packaging designers with a versatile toolkit of aesthetically pleasing labels, crafted from materials sourced from responsibly managed, FSC™ certified (FSC C012530) forests, recycled components, and other regulated sources. As the demand for FSC and PCR packaging grows among brands, we aimed to highlight the capabilities of contemporary sustainable label materials.

With this in mind, five of the company’s responsibly sourced label materials were given to five Spanish design agencies, with the brief to create a new collection. The label designs in the Rêverie 3 collection were created for high end wine, spirits, sparkling cider, craft beer and tomato juice drinks, with excellent execution of the artworks with different printing techniques managed by Gráficas Varias.

“Thanks to our sustainable supply chain, we are able to offer designers FSC-certified labels that have varying percentages of PCR content, suiting any requirement. Rêverie 3 was already an extraordinary range due to the use of the recycled content. However, what the designers have done with the materials has truly taken it to the next level,” Eulalia Alcaraz, Business Director, UPM Raflatac comments.

The five UPM Raflatac label materials that were chosen are:
BIARRITZ WSA PCR-FSC (20% recycled fibers): Natural-coloured paper for premium wine and spirits labels.
DROPS WSA PCR-FSC (100% recycled fibers): Textured and translucent paper for high-quality wine and spirits labels.
FENIX WSA PCR-FSC (40% recycled fibers): Paper with minimal impurities for high-quality wine and spirits labels.
HIPSTER WSA PCR-FSC (100% recycled fibers): Warm and elegant white paper for high-quality wine and spirits labels.
VINTAGE WSA PCR-FSC (30% recycled fibers): Kraft brown paper for authentic and artisanal wine, spirits and beverage labels.

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