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Turkish woodworking machinery sector increases its export

 Friday, May 24, 2024

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Turkish woodworking machinery

The Turkish woodworking machinery industry, which ended 2023 with exports totaling $160 million and set an export target of $180 million for the end of 2024, achieved notable figures in the first two months of the year. The industry produced $61 million worth of goods, exported $24.708 million, imported $13.645 million, and made domestic sales of $50 million.

AIMSAD published the Wood Processing Machinery Sector Report, which was compiled from TURKSTAT foreign trade data. According to the data in the report; In the first two months of the year, compared to the same period of the previous year, production increased by 12.07 percent, exports increased by 13.47 percent, and domestic sales increased by 6.48 percent, while imports decreased by 4.19 percent.

In the period covered by the report, the ratio of exports to imports was 181 percent, while the foreign trade balance was at the level of 11 million dollars. In the first two months of 2023, the export-import coverage ratio was 153 percent and the foreign trade balance was 7.5 million dollars.

Machineries worth 24 million dollar exported

According to two-month data; Turkish woodworking machinery sector achieved a total export of 24 million 708 thousand dollars. During the said period, Türkiye exported the most machines in the other group with 7.5 million dollars.

Sawing machines ranked second with 5 million 853 thousand dollars, while planing, milling or cutting molding machines ranked third with 4 million dollars. With exports of 2 million 393 thousand dollars, machines that perform various machine operations without changing tools took the fourth place. The ranking of the machine groups exported in the first two months of the year was as follows; Bending or joining machines with 1 million 490 thousand TL, machining centers with 1 million 395 thousand dollars, drilling or tenoning machines with 776 thousand dollars, grinding, sanding or polishing machines with 728 thousand dollars and splitting, slitting or peeling with 506 thousand dollars sheet opening machines.

Algeria becomes the important country with the most exports in February

The most important export market of the Turkish woodworking machinery industry in February was Algeria, where furniture imports are prohibited. The sector sold a total of 1 million 805 thousand dollars of machinery to Algeria. While Bulgaria ranked second with 1 million 604 thousand dollars, the United Kingdom was the third important market with exports of 1 million 270 thousand dollars.

The USA ranked fourth with exports of 1 million 230 thousand dollars. Russia, Kosovo, Morocco, Iraq, Romania and Albania were the other countries in the top 10 countries with the highest machinery exports during February.

China ranks first in imports

According to the experts and several data, Turkey imported a total of 13 million 645 thousand dollars of machinery from different countries in the first two months of 2024. China was at the top of the import countries with 5 million 229 thousand dollars.

Italy came second with 3 million 586 thousand dollars, Germany came third with 2 million 513 thousand dollars, and Finland came fourth with 1 million 343 thousand dollars. Poland, Hungary, Austria, Greece, Czechia and Denmark were the other countries from which Turkey purchased machinery during February.

Imported machine groups

When the machine groups imported in February 2024 are examined; Sawing machines took the first place with 3 million 664 thousand dollars.

Machines that perform various machine operations without changing tools ranked second with 3 million 589 thousand dollars, while machines in the others group ranked third with 2 million 517 thousand dollars, and hole drilling or mortising machines came fourth with 1 million 267 thousand dollars. Other machine groups imported were as follows; Grinding, sanding or polishing machines, machining centres, planing, milling or cut molding machines, splitting, slicing or peeling machines.

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