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ThermoGrip chuck for CNC

Published on :Monday, September 13, 2021

The ThermoGrip® chuck for CNC from Wirutex is a tool holder cone designed to give the operator greater control and cutting precision when machining wood panels and other materials.

The advantages of using a ThermoGrip® chuck derive from its heat shrinking technology. The force of heat is used to clamp the tool inside the cone: in this way, the two elements integrate perfectly with each other to become a single body.

The overall cone-tool compactness, guaranteed by the thermal coupling, makes ThermoGrip more efficient and more suitable than other types of chuck, especially when machining requires maximum precision.

In addition to increased production efficiency, the ThermoGrip® chuck is also much safer to use and avoids a number of problems that may occur when using, for example, a conventional chuck for precision collet.

In particular, ThermoGrip minimises the following risks:

  • Run-out
  • Flexure
  • Vibration
  • Tool balance issues
  • Tool wear
  • Breaking of the electro-chuck

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