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The all new CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder NBS 300 from NEVA

 Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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NEVA is renowned for offering latest innovations on saw logs, finished lumbers and many more. This time, they have invented something unique. NEVA brings NBS 300 – the next generation CNC band saw blades grinder focuses on the joy of sharpening process to get higher quality sharpening results.

This specific innovation also offers operator safety and remote access support via internet – backup programs; software updates; via PC or smart phone access to machine display; remote service support; integration into the production process and gathering technological data, etc.


Unlike the other shapeners offered by NEVA, the saw band is oriented vertically during sharpening process. CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder NBS 300 is equipped by transverse axis and therefore trapezoidal or alternately slanted teeth can be sharpened. Another advantage of the machine is the servo-controlled feeding finger, which ensures a faster cycle run, since it starts to feed as soon as the grinding wheel moves back.

CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder NBS 300 is ideal for the sharpening of stellite, CV, bimetal and carbide-tipped band saw blades up to 300 mm wide. It operates with ceramic, CBN or diamond grinding wheels using water cooling. Driven diamond dressing wheel with automatic cycle is installed in order to keep the shape of ceramic stone clean and consistent. Thanks to this, the stable and consistent tooth shape of the sharpened blade is ensured. The grinding cycle is controlled via CNC servo motors; with the result that the saw tooth dynamics remain consistent. CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder NBS 300 incorporates a coolant reservoir and spray system which helps to keep the saw blades cool during grinding.

Advantages at a glance:

Key facts of the product

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