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Leitz and Hunger advances joining with advanced technology

 August 20, 2021

Tool makers Leitz has been an important partner in technology for Oberkochen especially in the technology tuning for Hunger for over ten years. Leitz and Hunger once again advances joining.

REHAU sets new standard in matt finishing

 August 9, 2021

REHAU recently sets the standard for matt finishing in the woodworking and furniture industry with the New edgeband generation RAUKANTEX scratch.protect. Whether in living spaces, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, shop fittings or hotels – matt is in demand everywhere.

Rehau launches sustainable edgeband lines

 July 5, 2021

‘Naturally we understand edgebands’ with this vision Rehau recently launches sustainable edgeband lines and continues business in a more responsible way. Sustainability is a key issue at Rehau. Using its polymer expertise, the company is always striving to improve polymers, …

SCM’s latest “Electronic Touch” for outstanding Edgebanding

 June 11, 2021

“On the leading edge banding- new heights for the electronic touch” a digital event dedicated to SCM edgebanding and the latest top-of-the-range technologies for furniture and design. The new frontiers in electronics applied to edgebanding, for a flexible, top-quality production, …

SCM witnesses outstanding trends in 2021

 May 7, 2021

2021 marks an excellent start for SCM. As confirmed by Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director, the main figures for this first part of the year are extremely positive and the opportunities and customer contacts are increasing day by day. …

Tece surprises with illuminated Edgebanding

 April 1, 2021

Think of edgebanding that glows in dark. It does not have to be connected to electricity. It uses the energy that it saves during daylight and uses that energy when it is dark. At Tece Décor they call this ‘phosphor …

New addition to Pattern Edgebanding from Tece Décor

 December 9, 2020

Tece Décor recently added new patterns in their collection and enriched their Pattern Edgebanding range. Few months ago, team Tece introduced ‘Pattern Edgebanding’. Recently they added some more contrast patterns which will enable designers to be more flexible and creative …

HOMAG Treff redefines Technology, Digital Innovations & Virtual Training

 September 25, 2020

Due to the current situation, this year’s HOMAG Treff started in a new format as LIVE.HOMAG. It is Online but with a feel of Onsite experience. Prospective customers can experience the market leader’s solutions not only on the digital platform …

HOMAG Treff to bring practical solutions for trade and industry:

 September 14, 2020

Special times require special measures. HOMAG Treff comes in 2020 in a new form- a hybrid event format called Live.HOMAG, which allows customers to choose from more than 500. To mark the company’s 60th anniversary, this digital platform will enable …

TECE Décor- perfects gluing applications

 June 10, 2020

TECE decor perfects gluing applications with a revolutionary product the zero-joint edgebanding. TECE recently introduces zero-line pro edgebanding -a perfect solution for zero-glue applications. The mechanism has been tested on Laser, Hot-Air, Near-IR, and Plasma applications; they are especially formulated …

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