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Australia govt to support new training programs for architects

 November 10, 2023

The federal government of Australia has allocated $100,000 in funding to support a new training program for architects.

New tech tracks carbon in every tree

 December 23, 2022

Users of a new digital platform from nonprofit CTrees will be able to follow the carbon emissions and storage rates in the world’s woods in almost real-time.

Biomass to identify global distribution of forest

 September 7, 2022

ESA’s satellite Biomass is taking shape to identify global distribution of forests. It will operate on P-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) instrument to determine the amount of biomass and carbon stored in forests.

UPM Biofore introduces sustainable forestry

 March 1, 2022

UPM Biofore advances technology to improve sustainable forestry. Soil plays a key role in forestry. A primary driver of forest productivity, soil quality and preparation are fundamental to commercial forestry, but not all soil is created equal.

Comparable information on carbon sequestration in forests

 December 17, 2021

The Forest Flux service, which has been developed under VTT’s leadership and utilises field surveying and satellite images, provides accurate and comparable information on the ability of forests to bind carbon. In the next few years, the information will increasingly be needed by all forestry actors as well as by governments, climate researchers and carbon trading professionals.

Confor supports UK Government’s additional funding to Forestry sector

 November 15, 2016

The UK government has announced that an additional £19.2 million will be provided to support the creation of new woodlands over 30 hectares, which will help meet future carbon targets. Confor strongly welcomes this decision to support productive planting.   …

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