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Swiss Krono Group acquires Argolite AG to encourage business growth

 Thursday, January 18, 2024

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Swiss Krono Group acquires Argolite AG to encourage business growth

In an effort to further strengthen its position in the market the interior and project business Swiss Krono Group recently welcomed Argolite AG into its fold. This acquisition, while marking a significant expansion for Swiss Krono Group, assures the maintenance of Argolite’s legal independence. It ensured the continuity of operations at the Willisau plant, and the preservation of existing jobs. Rolf Wermelinger, now at the helm as General Manager, is set to lead the company into a new era with guidance from the former owner and managing director, Mr. Markus Höchli.

Maintaining Independence and Jobs:

Despite the change in ownership, the legal autonomy of Argolite remains intact. This acquisition will provide stability to the Willisau plant while securing the future of the approximately 80 employees. This commitment to retaining jobs and local operations underscores Swiss Krono Group’s dedication to the community and ensures a seamless transition for all stakeholders involved.

New Leadership:

Rolf Wermelinger, previously Head of Marketing and Sales, steps into his role as General Manager of Argolite on January 1, 2024. With his wealth of experience, Wermelinger is poised to lead Argolite through its next phase of growth. The continued presence of Mr. Markus Höchli as an advisor further ensures a smooth transfer of leadership, drawing on the valuable insights of someone deeply familiar with the company’s history and operations.

Strategic Expansion and Expertise Strengthening:

Martin Brettenthaler, CEO and President of the Executive Committee of the Swiss Krono Group, highlights the strategic importance of this acquisition. Swiss Krono Group aims to fortify its position in the Swiss interiors and project business by incorporating Argolite into its portfolio. Additionally, the move enhances the group’s expertise in High Pressure Laminate (HPL), aligns with the EN438 quality standard, and further solidifies its market presence.

The integration of Argolite AG into the Swiss Krono Group signifies not only a strategic business move but also a commitment to sustaining local operations, jobs, and the legacy of a company deeply rooted in Swiss craftsmanship. As Rolf Wermelinger takes the reins with the support of Mr. Markus Höchli, the future looks promising for Argolite AG under the wing of the Swiss Krono Group.

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