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Surteco unveils innovative Handrail Security for Scandinavian Tunnel

 Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Surteco Unveils Innovative Handrail Security for Scandinavian Tunnel

SURTECO, the renowned surface specialist enhances safety in Norway’s tunnels with innovative solutions. In Scandinavia, tunnel safety is crucial, and Norway is leading the way by implementing one of the world’s first linear multifunctional LED escape systems. This groundbreaking project underscores the importance of advanced safety measures in Norwegian tunnels.

The Handrail Security System is the result of a collaborative partnership led by Proxll AS (Norway), an engineering firm specializing in railway and switch heating systems with extensive experience in the Scandinavian railway sector. Working alongside them are their contractor partner Caverion, the Bane NOR railway operator, and Döllken Profiles (Bönen, Germany), a subsidiary of the SURTECO Group SE.

Jens Hartmann, Key Account Manager at Döllken Profiles, elucidated, “The partner-ship between Proxll and Döllken began in 2014. Leveraging Proxll’s reputable stand-ing and expansive network in the Scandinavian market, both Bane NOR, the cus-tomer, and Caverion, the contractor, were immediately impressed by the functionality of the developed system. Consequently, it entered serial production in 2023 and was deployed within the past year.” “This rapid implementation not only underscores the effectiveness of the prototype but also emphasizes the signifi-cant demand and urgent need for innovative safety solutions in railway tunnels.” Jens added further.

“The remarkable success of the Handrail Security System underscores the unwaver-ing dedication and exceptional performance demonstrated by all project stakehold-ers, coupled with their keen embrace of cutting-edge technologies for the betterment of society,” emphasized Håkon Einarsson, Project Manager at Proxll. “Through the remarkable quality, and technical expertise exhibited by Döllken Profiles and Cav-erion, we instilled unwavering confidence in our customers long before the final prod-uct was even completed.” he concluded.

“Döllken contributed expertise in materials, production, and played a pivotal role in the final development phase, addressing client concerns and requests throughout the process,” Einarsson added.

“Previously, we made substantial investments of approximately 1 million euros in developing our production infrastructure and material development. These significant steps have enabled Döllken Profiles to now globally produce our innovative product solution in series,” explained Martina Baden, Managing Director of Döllken Profiles GmbH, a company of the SURTECO Group.

Closing safety gaps in tunnels

The latest EU regulations mandate that escape routes be equipped with handrails featuring integrated lighting. Döllken Profiles’ Handrail System enables tunnel operators to comply with these regulations through a single, unified solution. Providing clear guidance during emergencies is vital for safety and can be life-saving. In the event of complete darkness, the critical role of lighting for dependable orientation becomes unmistakably clear.

World’s First Handrail with Three Integrated LED Strips

Döllken Profiles, in collaboration with its development partners, has designed a hand-rail that ensures maximum orientation in emergencies and consists of two compo-nents systemically. In the lower section, there is a mounting bracket along with a robust, fully protected LED strip, illuminating the escape route. The upper part serves as the actual handrail.

A second and third LED strip ensure unambiguous orientation. The so-called Uplight shines towards the tunnel wall, while the Frontlight illuminates towards the tunnel center. All three options are used in the crossing sections, where the emergency ex-its are located.

The Handrail Security System is thus the world’s first safety system for tunnels capable of accommodating three LED strips, providing a maximum level of functionality.

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