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Superpush from Salvador offers exclusive advantages to woodworking companies

 Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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Salvador’s SuperPush series is recognised to represent the cutting-edge progression from traditional cutting techniques, embodying more than four decades of relentless innovation, ongoing research, and direct engagement with customers. These unique aspects are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, which champions incremental yet steady enhancements aimed at boosting value and efficiency.

By opting Superpush series, woodworking professionals will get a bunch of benefits.

What is Superpush Series?

The Superpush series consists of Superpush 150, 200 and 250 optimisers. These extraordinary innovations offered by Salvador are capable of increasing productivity, rationalising the production process and increasing wood yield. The amazing benefit of these machines makes every production smooth and perfect in practically every sector of the woodworking world, from the production of pallents to wooden furniture, from fixtures to building constructions.

Superpush are therefore high-performance tools that guarantee efficiency, but also incredible ease of use.

Let’s take a glance of Superpush’s five advantages:

The advantages offered by Superpush optimisers are various, but can be summarised in five points. Let’s see them in detail.

Greater productivity

Depending on the type of optimizer, the pusher can reach a maximum speed of 180 m/min and production times are reduced by up to 60-70% .

Greater wood yield

With a precise cut, the use of the raw material wood is optimised to the maximum. At the same time, the wood yield is increased by up to 15% compared to manual cutting systems .

Less manpower and no specialization required

Unlike traditional wood cutting which requires a lot of specialised workforce, optimising machines allow you to use flexible labour and reduce the number of workers in the production line by up to 50% .

Clear costs and statistical data

The use of an optimising machine returns data to the company on the production and cutting process , offering the possibility of monitoring times and costs, increasing efficiency.


The Superpush series, like all Salvador machines, offers high safety standards to guarantee the safety of workers.

Superpush 150

The SuperPush 150 serves as an introductory optimiser, perfect for small-scale productions and just-in-time tasks. It stands as the optimal automatic cutting center, enabling easy mode transition between optimised, push, and beat settings at a simple touch. Crafted from robust, thick painted steel, its construction ensures durability, utilising components akin to those in more advanced machines.

Equipped with an expansive touch screen panel that incorporates numerical control and a user-friendly graphic interface, the machine facilitates both manual and automatic optimization of cutting sequences. The SuperPush 150, along with other optimizers in its class, offers customizable solutions tailored to individual customer needs, featuring a range of add-ons such as automatic board length acquisition, barcode reading, label printing, and much more.


Superpush 200

Superpush 200 is the pusher optimiser designed to simplify and improve wood cutting operations. With intuitive use , impeccable precision and high performance , this machine presents itself as a tool capable of improving your business.

The machine’s numerical control operates on a virtualised Linux PC, paired with an operator interface within a Windows environment, ensuring rapid calculation speeds for efficient operation management. Its design features a table inclined at 30 degrees, facilitating the material loading process and enhancing the precision of cuts by improving squaring.

Superpush 250

This machine is capable of increasing productivity , minimising the use of personnel and increasing wood yield . Thanks to an original feeding and loading system, with chain transmission and pneumatic lifting, the Superpush 250 is an ideal cutting centre.

Versatility is one of its best features. Superpush 250 can be used in many sectors, since it integrates into production lines thanks to automatic chain loading. Features like: quality, raw material savings and excellent performance are guaranteed.

Salvador showcased the entire series at the recently concluded HOLZ-HANDWERK.

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