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Sonae Arauco ensures the development of sustainable wood solutions

 Monday, April 8, 2024

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Sonae Arauco ensures the development of sustainable wood solutions

Sonae Arauco, one of the world’s leading wood solutions companies, confidently reported its sustainable and responsible development towards a better future. It has recently announced that the products developed in 2023 guarantee, throughout their life cycle, the retention of around three million tons of carbon dioxide.

This value considers all Sonae Arauco product ranges, a broad portfolio with solutions for construction, furniture and interior design, available in around 70 countries.

The calculation, carried out by an independent entity, is based on the EPD (Environmental Product Declarations), which allow a transparent analysis of the life cycle of products, based on the EN15804 standard, and the assessment of specific carbon retention, the Specific Carbon Retention (kg CO 2 -eq/m³).

Rui Correia, CEO of Sonae Arauco, warns that “wood is an excellent material for the production of long-lasting goods because, in addition to being natural, renewable and recyclable, it has a notable capacity to store CO 2 , in clear contrast to products of fossil origin.” And he adds that “The retention of CO 2 ensured by Sonae Arauco products is a clear indication that, in a scenario where there is enormous pressure to use renewable energy, it is counterproductive to encourage the burning of wood for this purpose . It is a material that can be recycled countless times, prolonging not only its life cycle, but also its ability to retain CO 2 , identified as the main cause of climate change.”

Sonae Arauco has a circular bioeconomy business model which, among others, has the integration of recycled wood as one of its main axes. For this purpose, the company has 3 recycling centers in Portugal (and 8 in Spain), and numerous ongoing investments in this area. According to the most recent data, the proportion of recycled wood in some of Sonae Arauco’s products is already over 70%. The medium-term objective is to reach 85% in some geographies. In 2023, the company processed more than 725 thousand tons of recycled wood into its products.

Sonae Arauco’s circular bioeconomy model

Sonae Arauco’s activity is developed around a circular bioeconomy model that respects the principle of using wood in cascades. This is one of the pillars of the company’s business model.

Sonae Arauco’s value chain is rooted in wood, sourced sustainably to kickstart a circular process. By integrating by-products and recycling waste, the company keeps wood in circulation, forming a virtuous cycle. Recycled wood, utilised wood-based panels, can be repeatedly reincorporated into the process, aiding in carbon dioxide retention. This sustainable approach offers a compelling alternative to fossil-based materials.

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