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Sodra joins hand with Verdane and Equinor

 Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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Sodra collaborates with Verdane and Equinor to explore the potential opportunities in creating a whole value chain for carbon capture and storage in the bioenergy sector. This new venture looks at possibilities for carbon removal, commonly known as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, along with Verdane, a firm that specialises in equity investments, and Equinor, a state-owned energy company in Norway (BECCS or bio-CCS). The special Njord Carbon partnership will increase Sodra’s profitability and environmental impact. This will be a crucial step forward for Sodra- the largest association of forest owners in Sweden, to add value to the raw materials provided by its members.

Sodra became a part of this global collaboration with the aim to further strengthen its contribution to the climate, both in Sweden and internationally. In the future, CO2 will be separated from flue gases and condensed into liquid in order to be captured as soon as it is emitted from industrial smokestacks. The liquid CO2 can then be securely and indefinitely stored, while it may also be employed in a closed loop to create new goods in the future.

Contribution to climate
Named Njord Carbon, this international alliance will merge the collective expertise and resources to manage the whole value chain, from CO2 collecting and transportation to storage, as well as firsthand knowledge from expanding into new markets. Sodra, Verdane, and Equinor will investigate the best value chain from capture through storage as part of the agreement, which will also examine a commercial model and complete traceability.

First step towards permanent carbon storage
The collaboration is a first step in more participants stepping up their sustainability efforts by implementing bio-CCS systems. Njord Carbon intends to develop a market for negative emissions and provide sustainable and affordable solutions for carbon removal in the future. The beginning phase of the project has begun. Before deciding to invest in a bio-CCS facility, Sodra will now carry out feasibility studies and pilot trials.

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