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Shoda brings new dust-free CNC router with amazing deign ability

 Tuesday, June 11, 2024

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Shoda brings new dust-free CNC router with amazing deign ability

Shoda, one of the popular brands for making CNC routers has recently updated their router series. In the highly interconnected information society of the 21st century, people, knowledge, ideas, and goods flow across borders with remarkable ease. Today, the value of a product extends beyond local benchmarks or regional standards and is increasingly shaped by the expectations of a global audience.

This perspective underscores why The Shoda Company, a leading Japanese machinery manufacturer, emphasizes that “design ability” is the foundation of effective manufacturing and that “creative ability” is essential for generating true value. Therefore, they have brough another new extraordinary innovation packed high performance. The all new dust-free CNC router.

Hiro Shoda, CEO of The Shoda Company, notes that since its inception in 1926, the company has supplied over 8,000 CNC routers to customers worldwide. The company’s pioneering ‘Blue Technology’ has led to the creation of the world’s first dust-free CNC router, revolutionizing the industry by eliminating dust generated during cutting.

Known worldwide as a “technology team” with several “firsts” and patents to its credit, Shoda’s debut machine is the BS101 gantry moving type CNC router for woodworking.

The good news is that, Shoda is planning to enter India to make the CNC router base more stronger. They have planned to manufacture these CNC routers in Indian manufacturing site. Although, Shoda is already represented in India by Woodtech Consultants based in Bengaluru.

Pic courtesy: Woodnews

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